Sunday, November 19, 2017

How I Spent My 26th Birthday!

I celebrated my awesome self all through October, yes, but the nineteenth of the month was especially MY day! It was my birthday - The Day of Saraallie - The Saraallie Day of 2017! It was a pleasant day, a restful one for a change. I enjoyed myself! The highlights were my new Harry Potter shirt which I wore during the day and then the sweet Honeydukes themed birthday celebration Abbie arranged for me at night. Let me go into a flashback mode here and present my birthday's highlights in pictures ... so here's how I spent my special day!

I'd been enjoying the entire week as a celebration of my birthday before the 19th. I'm a simple person who finds excitement in the littlest of the things so a pizza for lunch that week and a movie afternoon with my Abbie had made me extremely happy and set the mood for the 19th. On the morning of my birthday I woke up super duper happy and feeling light as a feather. I'd spent last night receiving birthday hugs and wishes at midnight and when I woke up I got dressed in my birthday girl mode! I wore my new Harry Potter shirt which had the famous 'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good' quote written on it and spent early morning snapchatting and taking my annual birthday selfies! Then I chilled in Abbie's study with my morning chai where Gubby came to give me a kissy and a birthday hug before she left for her Nani's house. That baby doll is the love of my life!

Birthday mornings are always so much fun for bloggers. All the websites you've subscribed to, all your blogging buddies, all your social media accounts have a huge flow of birthday wishes. I know I know it's not a big deal right? But it is, especially when the blogosphere and the internet mean so much to you. I woke up to birthday wishes all over Twitter and Instagram. It was so cool! Next I installed our new printer which was actually fun because we've been printer-deprived for so long we were actually looking forward to it. For lunch I requested noodles! Quick, simple, easy, no fuss, and excessively delicious! I LOVE NOODLES! Abbie made some noodles and fried samosas and spring rolls and paapars along with them. Lunch was a simple affair but not even the greatest dishes of the world could have made me more happier than day! After lunch I had a relaxing rest of the day and got some very much needed me time too. Then I got dressed up and ready for the sweet little celebration and my cake! Check out my Harry Potter outfit!

Isn't that super duper pretty? Yep, that's right. That is my birthday decor and birthday cake - Honeydukes themed - by the one and only Abbie. Every year Abbie makes a cake for me (she doesn't do cakes year round so this is a special special time!) and every single year she surpasses all possible expectations and makes something extremely beautiful. This year she decided to throw me a Honeydukes themed party and the cake was beautiful! The decor included lots of candy props (and candy too) from the sweets' shop, a cauldron cake, my birthday cards, some fancy lights, and Honeydukes themed pinkish stuff. I loved it! My outfit looked perfect with the decor! But the star of the show was the cake Abbie had made for me! Check out a close up picture ... and be prepared to let your jaw hang open all the way down to the floor!

It is so so so so so beautiful! Abbie even printed out my picture on a Wizard's Card which I get to keep forever. The cake had a Bertie Botts studded border, the Honeydukes logo, and even a chocolate frog! LOVED IT!!!! I think this was the best cake I've ever had for my birthdays ... EVERRRRR!

When Gubby was back home we cut the cake together! I love singing Happy Birthday, blowing the candle, and cutting birthday cakes. You know, I think birthdays are my most favorite celebration through the entire year. There's something just so happy and special about birthdays! I felt so happy cutting that beautiful cake! Then finally it was time to LOVE the insides and eat that delicious cake!

Honeydukes stripes inside the cake! Told you this was the coolest cake ever!

Finally I stuffed this absolutely out-of-the-world delicious chocolate cake inside my face and OH MY GOD was I in heaven! So delicious, so full of love, and so so so so delightful! With Nihari, Naan, and lots of chocolate cake my birthday came to an end. It had been such a pleasant day. I'd gotten everything I had hoped for; I'd relaxed after such a long time, spent some quality me time, ate lots of chocolate cake and noodles and what not, and taken so many beautiful pictures too! My TWENTY SIXTH BIRTHDAY was as sweet as the Honeydukes shop itself!

Here's to another year of awesomeness! Here's to another year of my fabulosity!

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