Monday, November 13, 2017

My Chic and Lovely iPhone Case

I'll tell you something awesome. I got a new phone for my birthday! Yayyyy! My last iPhone was suffering from poor health. It would keep getting heart attacks and once even went into coma from which it miraculously came back. I was constantly at a risk of losing everything stored in it but because it would still function after recovering from its many diseases I was still holding on to it. Finally, I gave up my hope and decided to upgrade before it crashed on my face at some critical moment (I feared it would die during a vacation or on my birthday!). So for my birthday I got a fabulous iPhone 8!

I love it! I love the sleek feel of the phone and the smoothness with which it works. That's not all though. Like I always say, how my phone looks is very important to me because it's literally almost always in my hand. It's like a part of my outfit and when I put in so much thought in putting my outfits together why should my case be any less pretty, right? So this time I've bought a very chic and lovely case with gorgeous designs and eye catching flowers all over it. It is so beautiful! 

The colors of this case are so vibrant and just the pop I need amidst the mundane everyday routine of my life. It's bright and happy and extremely stylish.

There's a little story behind this cover - a crazy one. So when I decided I would get a new iPhone once my previous one died forever the latest iPhone on the market at that time was the 7 series. I thought I'd be a step ahead and have my case shipped and ready for my phone to be. So I chose a case out of millions and when it arrived I was so proud of myself for being so clever. Over efficiency, I tell you!!! Shortly before my birthday they released the iPhone 8 and announced the X for pre-order too. I was tempted to get the latest phone but I wanted my cover so bad. My brother said I was absolutely crazy for rejecting the new model just to keep my case but I didn't care because for me the case was much more important to me than the phone (hey, I love pretty stuff okay?). I knew I was being a wee bit crazy maybe but I had a heart break when I thought I won't be able to use this pretty cover. Then I Googled up both the models and guess what I found? They were the same size!!! Okay maybe a hair-like difference but they'd both fit the same case! *happy dance* I ended up with a new phone and my beautiful case! Yayyyyyyyy! Happily ever after!


  1. Yay! Your new phone and cover are so pretty! I got the X �� and a clear case because I like how sleek and pretty the phone is. I’m a wannabe minimalist ��

    1. I can't be a minimalist! I love patterns and colors and STUFF too much! Hahaha!


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