Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My Weekend Winter Wonderland

Since the past seven to eight years of experiencing snowfall in my life I have been absolutely and entirely crazily in love with snow! The all white landscapes feel like the fairy tale which my life forgot to become and the cool and calm of snow falling ever so quietly is just serenity personified. I love snow. I just absolutely do. In fact, I say Fall is my favorite season but let me tell you that Winter poses some serious close competition. Last weekend the clouds above poured on us the first snow of the season. I woke up to a beautiful scene where everything looked like it had been dusted with icing sugar! It was so pretty I couldn't help but feel happy, relaxed, and pumped up for the new year! It felt like 2017 was officially ending and bringing a (hopefully) happier and prettier 2018 to me!

It was supposed to start snowing around two in the morning but when I woke up around ten it had only just begun. I'm glad when snow falls during the day when I can actually stay glued to my window with my feet ensconced in fuzzy socks and a cup of hot chai steaming up my window's glass. I like seeing everything turn white in front of my eyes. It's so soothing. We all dressed up for snow day! I wore my new red plaid shirt which has some intricate glitter details on it along the stripes. Of course, Gubby stole the show though. She walked up to us looking like a baby polar bear! Her grey shirt had a fuzzy furry polar bear on its front and her lilac pajamas had snowflakes all over. She was like a snow ball right there inside the house! And with those fluffy fat cheekies to match too!

The rest of the entire Saturday I was found peeking outside, phone's camera in hand, from every single window of the house. I doodled a heart too, something I'd done last Winter I think and it felt like keeping up with a tradition of some sort. Just speaking about snow makes me so happy, imagine how ecstatic I must have been last weekend!

On Saturday Abbie and I enjoyed the snow show from inside the house where we had lots of fun with our Gubby darling. In the early afternoon you could hear Gubby yowling because she wanted to go outside and build a snowman. Since we hadn't had enough snow then we couldn't do that so Abbie came up with a brilliant idea. Next minute Abbie, Gubby, and I were surrounded by cotton balls as we made indoor snowmen. I'll be honest, I couldn't shape mine so I hadn't everything over to Abbie. She did a fabulous job and we ended up with two extremely adorable looking snowmen with wiggly eyes, paper noses, and even a scarf knit up by mama. Before evening Gubby finally got her wish fulfilled. She and her parents went outside and Gubby built a small super cute snowman! She looked EDIBLE-level adorable in the snow! *smooch attack*

Saturday was super awesome but Sunday was the real deal when Abbie and I stepped outside. We wore our fleece pajamas, a million layers of clothing, coats and boots, and headed out with our cameras to have some snow fun and take pictures for blogging. One of the gazillion reasons why I love snow is also for the photography I get to do. The past weekend I found such beautiful scenes that I must have taken fifty pictures at the very least but I chose the four absolute best ones to post on my blog today!

This is Sunday morning when the snowfall had stopped. I took this one around seven in the morning I think. I looked outside my window to find the rising sun shine on the now barren trees such that they looked an unnatural bronze color. I've never seen such a sight before in all my life! They reminded me of those pine cones in the dry decoration sets sold in stores. BEAUTIFUL!

I snapped this one right after capturing the bronze beauties on my camera. I loved the way the house glows gold thanks to the rising sun in the pictures background. It is such perfect contrast against the snow covered tree. Everything reminds me of cakes when it snows. Maybe I love cake decoration too much and that's the case but seriously ... that tree looks like it got a nice dusting of icing sugar!

My mother's Dusty Millers were a sight to see when covered in snow. I already find their shade of silver very different than any other plants that I've seen and once dusted with snow they looked straight out of a fairy tale! I mean, they screamed Disney's Frozen right at me. It looked like Elsa would pop out of thin air any second. "Let it go, let it go ... the cold never bothered me anyway!"

Abbie feels extremely cold and my body needs it to be extremely cold before it actually starts feeling it. So we're opposites when it comes to that. I usually make it through Winter without needing a sweater when I'm at home whereas Abbie gets all her woolly sweaters out when it gets even slightly chilly in the start of Autumn. So when my bestie Abbie decides to go and play in the snow with me it is the treat of the season for me. No doubt (and I'm probably saying this for the millionth time?) times spent with my sister are the most cherished ones of my life. This past weekend too my favorite moments were from that little while when we stepped outside to build our snowmen. We made hand prints, took pictures, laughed, and felt super cold together for once! *laughs* It was extremely fun!

Our snow pajamas (left) and me picking up little red seed-ish things for our snowmen (right)!

Just like last year, this time too we decided to build our snowmen on top of our brother's car. Now, we have several reasons behind our choice of snowman spot. First and most important one is that it annoys our brother. Second, the snow on his car is always the cleanest so I'm not dealing with dirt, mud, or grass. Third, we don't have to sit in the snow and have our knees nearly paralyzed so it's convenient. Fourth, there's always lots more snow on his car even the next day. And fifth, IT ANNOYS HIM!!! *laughs* So we built our snowmen on his car and oh what fun it was. Abbie and I laughed ourselves crazy at how silly yet adorable our snowmen looked! Abbie named them Mr. Mooch (that's Urdu for mustache) and Miss Smooch. So here's presenting ... Mr. Mooch and Miss Smooch!

Mr Mooch ... because Abbie just had to give him a 'mooch' (mustache)! *laughs*

Miss Smooch ... my creation with a smile and fancy necklace too!

Once our butts were frozen, our snow man and woman made, lots of pictures and videos snapped, and fun memories made Abbie and I decided to head back inside so we could warm up and fill up our bellies. That was part of the snow day celebration too - the food, that is! We cooked up some delicious noodles and sat in front of the television to devour them. Hot and spicy noodles, entertainment on tv, and bestie Abbie by my side ... what more could I have wished for?


  1. Awww what a lovely post! So wintery and cozy! Sadly here in Greece rarely snows, and I rall wanted to build a snowman (I've never done one before!) Your couple of snowman and snowomen look so cuuute! I actually love all these pictures! This is so beautiful and gets me totally into Christmassy spirit! Sneding you lots of love from Greece <3

    1. Hey Apostolia,
      I hope you find a chance to make a snowman soon!
      I'm so glad you liked the post and the pictures. I think this year our snow people were super cool, hahaha! Pun intended!


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