Thursday, December 7, 2017

Spending Saturday Unplugged & December 2017's Holiday Collage

I rarely get peaceful weekends anymore. There's always something or the other going on. I am not kidding when I say they could play 'Cinderelly Cinderelly' as my life's background music. "Cinderelly, Cinderelly, night and day it's Cinderelly. Make the fire! Fix the breakfast! Wash the dishes! Do the mopping! And the sweeping and the dusting! They always keep her hopping!" *sighs* This past Saturday however, a miracle happened, the planets and the stars aligned, and the heavens presented to me a free Saturday! Tadaaaaa! I took full advantage of it and once I'd completed whatever chores I had to do I retired to my peaceful place - my bedroom - and spent an afternoon unplugged and all by myself! It was a productive afternoon with lots of creativity and relaxation. I ended up cleaning all the unsorted mess in my room which had resulted from my terribly busy schedule lately. I even got a chance of getting back to my planner in which I created a beautiful holiday themed collage and got around to doing some brainstorming for my blog too!

My planner's holiday themed December collage looks so festive, cozy, and beautiful. It's giving me all those December holiday-ish vibes whenever I look at it. It's sort of almost the kind of feeling you get when hot cocoa pours down your throat on an intensely cold afternoon. Well, almost! The one-in-a-million, oh-my-how-is-this-possible, I-cannot-believe-it kind of Saturday also gave me lots of time to flip through a couple of magazines which had been piling up beside my desk. So I ended up cutting off some cool stuff to put together this festive collage. The red and green rectangles were flip covers of some kind of advent calendar about some sale. I loved the snowflakes on them so I peeled off each one of them. I found the pretty 'Get the Party Started!' cutting with ornaments, pine cones, and ribbons. Some Winter themed cookies, a super fancy gingerbread house, and a pretty little gift box also made it into my pretty December collage to set the mood for the end of the year!

Until a little while ago, I used to brainstorm blogging stuff on a Google Doc. Lately, with all the mad rush I've been stuck in, I've had a severe writer's block which refused to leave me alone. That's when I decided I should brainstorm on paper by actually writing instead of typing. All the erasing, scratching, planning, and handwriting of my ideas really gets my brains working. I miss the school days when I used to have a 'rough book' in which I'd brainstorm the world, jot down random stuff, and even doodle. It used to be so relaxing! So I'm back to that now; my planner will also function as a rough book of sorts. With every monthly collage page in my planner, I've decided I will now also have a page dedicated entirely to brainstorming and planning for my blog. So with that decision, my unplugged Saturday afternoon also ended up in a major brainstorming session during which I wrote down random ideas that came to my mind before they could leave me.

I think I can safely say that I achieved super duper peace this past Saturday. Ssssshhhh ... don't be so loud, life might hear you and bring it on against you as a challenge! I've found unplugging to be quite helpful. See, I achieved so much! I got some creative stuff going again, did lots of planning and organizing, and even cleared up my beautiful bedroom. All in just one afternoon! In fact I think I've been more productive and active ever since Saturday's little rest too. I guess everybody should unplug once in a while, step back and away from all the social media (don't get me wrong, I love my social media!), and just take some time out for themselves. I've always been all for some alone time spent with one's own self and this past Saturday was just perfectly done! I hope I get some more relaxing weekend afternoons again soon!


  1. Short, Sweet and you have plans. You have a nice college there too.

    1. Thank you! I'm looking forward to more relaxing weekends and also working on my next month's collage too!
      Stay in touch!


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