Saturday, January 13, 2018

My 2018 New Year Resolutions!

2018 began in great style for me. I rang in the new year ensconced in a super cozy bed of Cabana Bay Beach Resort's hotel while on vacation in Orlando, Florida. A vacation perfectly timed at the end of year has done so much good for me. First, it ended an otherwise very challenging 2017 on such a happy note. Second, I made magical memories at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Disney. And third, it cleared my mind so I've returned home with a fresh clean slate for the new year. My writer's block, which hit me a while ago, has been kicked out of my mind for sure and I feel motivated and enthusiastic to take on this brand new year of my life! Like every year I've made myself a few promises for 2018 and have set some goals for the year. In 2018 I want to work on myself, my blog, and my creativity and I hope when the year ends I cross the finishing line beaming with the joy of success.

Love Myself Truly, Madly, Deeply
Falling in love with myself has been the greatest decision of my life. A while ago, after having been troubled and bullied beyond control, I realized how important it was for me to love myself. If I don't love myself, who else will? And that's when my attitude towards life changed. This year, once again, a top priority shall be me. This resolution will include everything from as tiny as remembering to apply lotion and take care of my skin in Winter to big stuff like body peace and holding peaceful company with myself. This year I shall continue loving myself above all else!

Try Cooking Lots of New Recipes
That Pinterest board must be paid attention to now *laughs*! In 2018 I'm planning to try new kinds of stuff which I've never cooked before, learn lots of new recipes, and cook deliciousness!

Engage In Lots of Creative Projects
I have to engage my brains in lots of creative projects this year for sure! I have to start my scrapbooking again because it was so therapeutic. I have to do more awesomeness in The Crafty Files. I have to wreck more of my Wreck This Journal. I have to bake lots more pretty cakes and bakes. I am planning to be at my creative best this year!

Find and Break a Bad Habit
I try to break a bad habit each year and once again this is a goal for 2018. The past years I actually had a bad habit in mind which I promised to break out of. This year, however, I'm still trying to pin point at something so I can improve.

Become Spiritually Stronger
Working on my spiritual goals is always a resolution for each new year. I did good last year and intend to do the same, infact even better, this year hopefully!

Work Towards My Weight Goals
I'm happy with myself but there's no denying I need to shed off the extra pounds I've gained over the years. I've already achieved sort of half of my weight loss goal so this year I'm expecting to continue the regular working out and exercising and eating healthy so I can finally achieve (or at least get very close) to my weight goals.

Grow As a Blogger
I am so in love with my blog and I want to keep taking it further and further. I'll be putting in a lot of my time and efforts towards my blogging this year too and have lots of things in mind which I wish to try, improve upon, or perfect. It shall be awesome!

Be a Better Person
Physically, mentally, health wise, morally, ethically, and personally ... I just want to keep getting better and better. So this year I'll be fighting external and internal demons and staying far away from negative people and situations so I can become a better person than what I was yesterday.

Good luck to me!


  1. I wish I was as farsighted as you! Right now there's a little crisis brewing that is taking all my attention. Maybe in June I can do a Half-Year Resolution. LOL

    1. Hey Suzanne,
      Happy new year to you! I hope the crisis solves itself for good soon so you can work on your mid year resolutions :D It's never too late to resolve!


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