Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sara's Word ~ No Time To Say Hello Goodbye, I'm Late!

Hello my lovelies,

What is this I hear? It's March? Already? But wait a minute, where was February? Did it ever even happen? I know February is the short one of them all but I could swear this year it was maybe like ten days long only. Seriously! Where did February go? I've been running a race against time all through last month. Now that it is March I was hoping things would slow down a bit and life would give me a little more time to breathe and catch up. Sadly, that hasn't happened and I'm still fighting against that clock on the wall trying my best to juggle work, chores, and blogging.

I guess the culprit is work. It's been so hectic and busy that we've been literally losing our minds here. Some of our properties needed a little bit of work and others were having tenants move in so Abbie and I had been busy with that already when a windstorm decided to blow our way. It blew the shingles off our own house's roof and caused roof and tree damage on some of our rentals. Brilliant, right? *sarcastic face* Now, let me say this: tenants do not consider their landlords human and want them to wear capes and have things done within seconds. Reality check: that's not happening! It takes time to have repairs scheduled and respond to everybody. We're such good landladies that we actually give our rentals priority over our own house but at the end of the day we are humans and certainly don't have super powers!

Our own house has been raging a chores' war at me too! God is sending my second baby niece Chunky soon. She's on the way and the house is a mess; it's definitely not baby proof. I have been cleaning like crazy but the speed with which the people in this house make a mess exceeds my human cleaning capacity by a million times. No no, I am not exaggerating, I really mean it and I'm planning an entire blog entry on the topic too so I will be back with proof soon. It's like living with wild animals in a jungle. *laughs* Amidst all of this my dear darling blog has suffered a teeny tiny bit and I've been a little slower than I'd like to be writing up posts. There's so much I have to say and even more that I have planned in my head but I'm struggling to find time for it all.

It's been hectic and busy and crazy and absolutely mental, yes. But that doesn't mean I can't be miserable in style. February was great for me in terms of stylish socks, girly girl crafting, and some pretty changes in my room. Come what may, I remain to be super awesome and super in love with my fantabulous self. I know I'll get through it because 'this too shall pass' so I'd rather be awesome while the troubles last. I hope they go away soon and March goes smooth and easy on me.

Lots of love to all who love me,

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