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A Dainty Delight - Birthday Cake

Everybody, you may need to hold your jaws with both hands because they're just about to drop open.

I present to you my mama's birthday cake from 2017 ... A Dainty Delight!

Named after its delicate little details and their beautiful grand effect, this was a birthday cake made with immense love and care. I wanted mama's cake to be sophisticated yet colorful and stunning. I wanted to do something she'd remember forever. So for this cake I chose the colors to be yellows and purples and then added floral details. That wasn't all though, because I wanted it to have some kind of element from our Desi culture too. A handwritten tag with a famous Urdu quote, done by none other than my sister The Abbie, was the stunning cake topper which delivered that big and final wow on this cake. The gorgeous little details and the delicateness of it all was a really pretty presentation and this cake turned out to be a real stunner! Mama loved it and why wouldn't she ... it was exactly everything she loved - including the flavors inside!

Once the cake's flavors were on point it was time for me to put my cake designer's hat on and get to work. I could see the cake I wanted in my head and all I wanted next was to make it a reality. A Dainty Delight birthday cake had some delicate details which had to come together perfectly to create a big WOW. Basically, this cake had three gorgeous parts to it. The sides were to have a pretty lace like design with some pearls, the top was to have floral details, and the perfecting touch had to be the tag with the Urdu quote. Let me show off all of these aspects in gorgeous close up pictures now!

The pearly lace-like sides were stunning and making these has always been super fun for me! I use silicone onlays to add such fondant details to my cake. Doesn't it look beautiful?

It takes a lot of patience and precision to get the designs onto the cake neatly and with absolute perfection. And it takes even more time and patience to attach each pearl by hand one by one. Yesssss, I added each one of those red and gold pearls one by one and even though it took me lots of time it was actually very relaxing!

And now, I present ... The grand and the beautiful cake topper - the stunning Urdu quote written by The Abbie! *Drum rolls*

The tag reads, "Maa ki dua, Jannat ki Hawa" which is a famous Urdu quote. It means that a mother's prayer leads us to Heaven's air (I Googled for help too!). It's one of those quotes you're bound to find somewhere if you spend a day in Pakistan. I wanted the quote to be represented in typical truck art form and that's when I knew I needed my Abbie. Abbie has beautiful Urdu handwriting and knows her truck-art-like scribbles too. I made the fondant tag and then handed it over to her to do the honors. She did SUCH a stunning job I wanted to save the topper and preserve it foreverrrrrrr! Too bad I don't get to do that though, no matter how beautiful my cakes are - they always get eaten up! *laughs*

The last little bit on the cake were the beautiful purple and yellow flowers on top. I added the flowers first and then placed the Urdu tag in the end once everything was done. I love adding flowers to my cakes. I don't even know why but they're one of the prettiest kinds of cake toppers. The yellow and purple ones on this cake helped me add a grand colorful effect on top without overpowering the designs on the sides and the Urdu tag right besides them.

When I design my cakes I make sure I get the details right all the way down to the cake stand or base used to display my cakes. Going with the sophisticated yet Desi culture inspired feels of this birthday I used my most beautiful gold studded cake stand underneath this gorgeous cake. It looked perfect!

A Dainty Delight 💛 Made to celebrate my mama's birthday, this cake was a stunner. A beautiful yellow onlay design on the sides embellished with pearls gave it a delicate feel ✨ Yellow and purple flowers on the top added to its beauty 💜 The tag reads, "Maa ki dua, Jannat ki Hawa" which is a famous Urdu quote. It means that a mother's prayer leads us to Heaven's air (I Googled for help too!) ✨ All credit for the beautiful Urdu hand writing goes to @abbiesadventures ✨ The cake was an absolute delight to look at and extremely yummy too! I went for a Pumpkin cake sponge (mama loves it!) with a sweet Vanilla buttercream and they paired so well together 🎃 Delicious and beautiful! ❤ A Dainty Delight By Sara's Baked Creations @marvelousmolds #marvelousmolds #satinice #mamasbirthday #birthday #birthdaycake #sarasbakedcreations #missionsweetness #yellow #purple #pearls #dainty #flowers #cakedecorating #cake #maakidua #maakiduajannatkihawa #desidiaries #withlove #cakevideos #stunning
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Mama and Gubby darling cut the cake together. Ever since Gubby has grown up into a toddler she wants to be a part of everybody's birthday cake cutting event! *Laughs* Oh and sometimes she feels super shy but even then she wants to be the one cutting the cake. Gubby hid her face somewhere that day and mama held her hand to cut the beautiful birthday cake. Such an adorable little kid and such a stunning cake! I was super happy with how this one turned out!

PERFECTION. I love it when I can make sure that each layer of the cake is evenly sized, each layer of filling is exactly symmetrical ... PERFECTIONNNNNNNNNNN!

Each piece of this cake was beautiful! The pumpkin cake layers were on point and the yellow lace-like pearly designs on the sides were beautiful!


As you can tell I couldn't get enough of that Urdu tag! *laughs* I wanted it to be in every picture!

THIS PICTURE GIVES ME SO MUCH PEACE! Knowing how smooth and even my cake was!

Another masterpiece - inside and out! A Dainty Delight - a delicious and beautiful cake which shall be remembered for many years to come! *wipes happy tears from her eyes*

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