Friday, April 6, 2018

Funfetti Cookie Bites

Adorable. Pretty. Bite sized. Delicious. What's not to love?

I made these Funfetti Cookie Bites especially for my baby niece Gubby. Once upon a time that little dolly doll told me, "Hey Beeya, make cookies for me." I was taken by surprise and laughed out loud. I asked her which ones she wanted and she replied, "I want cookies with lots of sprinkles on them. And they will all be for me, nobody else, okay?" *laughs* Of course I had to entertain her request for who can ignore those adorable cheekies and those super sweet eyes when they look at you? She melts my heart, that little one!

I must have said it at least a million times already but I'll say it again: I love funfetti! I love the colors, the cuteness, and the vibrancy! Funfetti instantly makes me happy and that was exactly my plan for Gubby as well. I wanted her to get a wide smile on her face the instant she saw these cookies. And guess what? I was successful in doing so!

A long time ago I'd thought about baking bite sized sugar cookies but I hadn't gotten the chance to do it until now. With Gubby's request as my excuse I got around to executing the most adorable plan. I added sprinkles to my favorite vanilla sugar cookie dough and then cut it out in small squares. I baked the squares up and they puffed up into super soft, super delicious, and super cute cookies!

Before they went in the oven ... and then poof. DONE!

"Beeya! You maked them for me!" Gubby exclaimed when I showed her the cookies. She's a tiny little ball of cuteness who still has her tenses mixed up in the most adorable of ways. I laughed at the 'maked' and then let her choose a piece she wanted to try first. She was picky and took her time deciding before choosing the one which she thought had the most sprinkles. Then she took a bite and closed her eyes to enjoy it in her mouth. It was in that moment, seeing that expression on her face, observing her feeties shaking with excitement, that I felt the happiest. She hugged me once she was done eating and had opened her eyes. I had tears in my eyes! My little darling ... she was so happy!

The Funfetti Cookie Bites.
The bite sized funfetti deliciousness that made my Gubble Gum so happy! Aren't I the best auntie in the universe? The baker auntie who bakes up deliciousness on request! *goes off to squeezy those cheeky weekies*

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  1. I love how bright and fun your baking is! These look so tasty!

    Claire xxx


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