Saturday, April 7, 2018

Gorgeous Little Beauties - A Cupcake Collection

You know you're awesome when your mom and sister ask you to bake a gorgeous cupcake collection box for their ladies' lunch group. I baked and decorated the Gorgeous Little Beauties cupcake collection to be taken to a fabulous ladies lunch date one afternoon. Let me tell you that these cupcakes caused a MAJOR reaction storm at the lunch party. Suddenly, all eyes were on me, everybody was asking me questions about owning a baking business, and I could hear wows and oohs and aahs all around me. I felt my cheeks burning and I'm pretty sure my face turned a shade of purple to match my outfit that afternoon. It was lovely! I felt so awesome, you have NO idea! Shy, yes, but so awesome!

When Abbie came to me and told me I had the chance to bake for a ladies' lunch party I immediately thought about ladylike stuff and began planning my cupcakes' designs. I wanted them to be feminine but not the girly girl kind. So I chose the most gorgeous colors and picked the perfect little details and ended up with this stunning collection of cupcakes. The Gorgeous Little Beauties collection followed a beautiful black, white, and red color theme with pearls, swirls, and marbled details. Each cupcake was so beautiful I couldn't take my eyes off them!

Time for beautiful closeups!

For my first cupcake design I immediately thought of a quilting-ish tufted-ish kind of prettiness. Tufted fondant is my absolute favorite. Wait, I think I've said that a million times before, right? Well. Tufted fondant is my absolute favorite and I'd say it a million more times because of how much I love it. *laughs* I needed a bit of tufting in my cupcakes collection for the ladies lunch because that was the perfect ladylike touch I was hoping for.

See the gorgeous tufts? They instantly add texture and dimension to cupcakes! LOVE THEM! I embellished the tufts with gold and white pearls and finished off this cupcake design with a marbled flower topper. The flower was made using red, white, and black marbled fondant and had gold pearls for its center. I shaped the flower to be slightly curved so it stood out over the cupcake adding more pretty dimensions to the overall look!

Next in the cupcake collection were my marbled designs. These were made from red, black, and white marbled fondant and matched the previous design's flower details perfectly. Marbling fondant is another one of my most favorite cake decorating techniques. It is so royal and so elegant looking once its done. Therefore, it was perfect for a ladylike cupcake collection! For this cupcake design I made a more detailed flower topper. This one had white flowers with beautiful delicate details and their centers were dusted with red pearl dust and embellished with gold pearls. It was beautiful!

This one's totally for a closer look at the details. The flower topper had some serious detailing which made it look so real and against the marbled fondant it looked ... almost magical!

My third design took the swirly floral approach. I embossed the fondant with a swirly pattern and then added three different sized flowers on top. Each of the flowers were embellished with pearls and shaped in a curvy roundish way so they'd stand out over the cupcake.

Check out the detailed swirls! This cupcake was girly but in a mature sense. I loved that it was cute and yet so elegant at the same time. Beautiful!

For the fourth design in my collection I thought dresses and necklaces. Back then, I'd very recently watched Titanic again (and cried buckets full!) and for some strange reason those ladies' dresses came to my mind and I ended up with this beautiful design. I was thinking ruffled hems of beautiful dresses, pearly necklaces, and feminine little touches and voila ... this happened!

Over a white fondant base I added a red ruffled strip of fondant which was inspired by the typical hem of a lady's dress. Then I added a line of pearls similar to that of a pearl necklace. Finally I added a flower topper embellished with pearls to tie everything in with the theme. They looked so pretty! They were screaming ladylike gorgeousness!

Last, but not the least in my cupcake collection was a red tufted cupcake embellished with white and gold pearls. I did not add a flower topper to this one so it could sashay the full and complete effect of tufted awesomeness! I LOVE TUFTED FONDANT. (Don't challenge me or I'll say it again!)

Here's a super pretty picture of some of the marbled designs placed together.

That's the beauty of marbled fondant! Each and every one of those cupcakes looks unique, yet I promise you, they were made from the same sheet of marbled fondant. Marbling is definitely magic!

Can you guess how obsessed I am?

For some of the cupcakes in my collection I had buttercream swirls topped with floral details. Not everybody loves fondant's taste so whenever I put together a collection I always make sure I am including buttercream varieties too. The toppers, in this case, were what matched the cupcakes with the rest of the theme. I cut out and shaped marbled flowers embellished with gold pearls and added one to each buttercream swirl. Looked so pretty!

And finally half of the buttercream cupcakes had the other more detailed flower topper so that everything matched and came together as a beautiful theme!

The cupcakes were a BIG time success. The ladies raved about it for days all over social media and I swear I kept getting dreams about them for days. *laughs* "Did you make them yourself?", "Do you have a business?", "Are they edible?", "Did you really?!" ... so many questions, so many wows! The ladies were taking pictures of my cupcakes to share with their friends and family. Some of them even posed WITH the cupcakes themselves! That was seriously a crazy feeling! I felt so wonderful yet so shy and so in the spotlight! I love standing and observing everybody devouring my baked creations from the side. I like seeing the expressions on everybody's faces and the slowly disappearing cupcakes or cakes in front of them. It's such a perfectly soothing feeling to see the love and appreciation. That afternoon there were hardly a few cupcakes leftover because everyone loved them too much but we didn't have to bring any cupcakes back home. You know why? Because some of the ladies took the remaining cupcakes home for themselves or their kids. Imagine how awesome I must have felt. Not only did my cupcakes look beautiful they tasted super delicious too!

The Gorgeous Little Beauties! My lovely stunning cupcake collection which was loved beyond imagination! *Mic drop*

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  1. These are so beautiful I don't think I'd want to eat them.

  2. You are such an inspiration, Sara. �� I was thinking about making an applesauce cake this week, but now I've decided to make applesauce CUPCAKES. I don't know how to make fondant, though. Oh, well ... YouTube to the rescue! I'd never be able to match your creativity, but that doesn't mean I won't try. HAPPY CUPCAKES TO YOU!

    1. Awww Suzanne! Thank you so much!
      I don't make my own fondant though, I buy it online!


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