Thursday, April 19, 2018

Quirky Mad Hatter's Cupcake Poppers

Down the rabbit hole we shall go today!

The Mad Hatter's Cupcake Poppers!
Scrumptious, adorable, absolutely quirky, and completely crazy cupcake poppers!
Once upon a time, these vibrant little things were served at Abbie's Alice In Wonderland themed birthday tea party. I still remember the mad chaos we had had in our house back then. It was just like the craziness Alice found down the rabbit hole. Our first ever baby niece was expected any moment - literally! Dad had flown over to meet his first grandchild. And it was Abbie's birthday. We'd been going crazy. We'd been running in various directions doing various things and amidst the bedlam I was befuddled by the thought of baking and decorating an entire themed cake. So Abbie decided she'd celebrate over cupcakes. Now of course, I wasn't going to let that happen. I was already looking woebegone over the thought of letting a birthday pass without a cake. So I decided that if there would be no cake there would be VARIOUS other things. I ended up baking an entire themed tea party for Abbie and truth be told, I think it turned out even more fabulous than I'd imagined!

There were Alice In Wonderland themed cupcakes, Cheshire Cat inspired cookies, and these quirky Mad Hatter's cupcake poppers. Now, cupcake poppers aren't usually the most commonly appearing desserts so let me first tell you what they really are. Consider cupcake poppers the cupcake version of whoopie pies. So basically you bake up some extremely delicious cupcakes and then serve them sandwich style with buttercream stuffed in the middle. Delicious!!!

Cupcake poppers generally are made from mini cupcakes but since I wanted my collection to be the craziest, wonkiest, and quirkiest I made both mini cupcakes and the bigger ones. The different sizes when put together in the end made for an even crazier presentation. It really did look like the Mad Hatter would serve these at his tea party! *laughs*

I made sure the colors were stunningly vibrant! And I even mix and matched the sandwich tops and bottoms so they'd look crazy. My cupcake poppers looked so adorable and wacky! Oh sorry, the MAD HATTER'S cupcake poppers I mean. *coughs*

Aren't they the cutest? And super duper duper delicious too!

The poppers were a hit! Plus because they were so bite sized they were literally gone in the blink of an eye! *laughs* Revisiting these pictures has made me crave them all over again. I think it's time to get the mini cupcake pan out again!

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