Friday, April 27, 2018

XoXo! Love In Bloom Sugar Cookies

SPRING! That's what comes to mind when you first see the Love In Bloom Sugar Cookies! This sugar cookie collection is definitely one of my top favorite creations - it's right there next to some of my most favorite cupcake decorations that I've done over the past years. My inspiration behind the Love In Bloom sugar cookies was the Spring season itself. I wanted to design cookies which looked like Spring had sprung; flowers, colors, a little bit of girly, lots of pretty, and heaping loads of love. I had one of those 'OMG' moments when I was done decorating them and stepped back to look at my work. They were stunning. Literally. I took a minute to recover from the sight of such gorgeous cookies before I snatched my camera and went nuts doing their photo shoot. I was in love with them!

The Love In Bloom Sugar Cookies were my treat for Mother's Day. We put together a cute little display of decor and goodies in our kitchen that day and went out for a casual lunch to blow off some steam and enjoy ourselves. My beautiful collection of cookies was part of the decor that day and part of our breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacking, and just-passing-by routine for the next couple of days. *laughs* These sugar cookies were just as delicious as they were pretty so they were quite irresistible! We couldn't control ourselves around them and within a couple of days they were all gone. Each and every single one of the cookies in this collection was special and thus a master piece in itself. I'd worked extra hard on the tiny details which came together in the end for such a gorjabulous presentation! Close ups time!

The largest cookie in the collection was this beautiful marbled heart. I marbled red, white, and yellow fondant for this one and then lined one of the sides with flower shaped sprinkles. It looked so Spring like and so pretty!

I imagined Spring sunsets for this cookie when the sun casts beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and red across the sky and there are freshly blooming flowers in the foreground. This was different curvy kind of a heart shape for added variation as well! It looked beautiful - just as mesmerizing as a real sunset!

For the cookie above my inspiration was literally my garden. I wanted to do something abstract and yet capture that feel of the grass becoming fresh lush green again and the flowers blossoming against it when the Spring season began. So I embossed some swirly patterns on green fondant. Next I added a little yellow and red embossed plaque of fondant on top which was kind of like our patio - except it was yellow. Of course I finished off with some flower shaped sprinkles! It looked so good!

This one was yellow, embossed with a swirly pattern, and completed with a pretty flower on top. I added a red pearl as the flower's center and even added a green leaf. Super pretty!

I am in love with this love cookie! The plaque shapes are my most favorite as it is and seeing how extremely cute this cookie turned out ... I WAS IN LOVE!

This one was the smaller sunset inspired cookie in my collection! I loved how the red and yellow fondant marbled together to create those streaks of almost-orange. So beautiful!

Of course I needed a flower shaped cookie in my collection too! It was just so SPRING appropriate to have one in there. So I added yellow fondant embossed with swirls on top. For the flower's center I marbled a circle of yellow, red, and white fondant and then attached a pink heart on it! Super girly!

This one was another garden inspired cookie. I added details to this one which went with the rest of the theme, including red, white, and yellow marbled effects, hearts, and white flowers with pearled centers! It looked so adorable! I also used a grid like pattern in the background which had tiny floral details. It looked awesome!

This one was another grid pattern with those tiny flower details embossed on a yellow curvy edged fondant cookie. I added colorful tiny flowers on top and embellished them with pearls in their centers. The flowers were super adorable and looked beautiful against the bright and vibrant yellow!

One of my most stunning cookie collections EVER!

I put in my heart and soul into the making of these cookies. They were full of love! And it showed as well. They were super beautiful, extremely pretty, and looked like Spring had come alive! Such a precious little collection of stunning cookies! *wipes away a happy tear*

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