Monday, April 30, 2018

Zodiac Leo Dad's Birthday Cake

When my college mate texted me and said, "My dad is visiting the country and I want to surprise him with a birthday cake bake by you," I was ecstatic. This was years ago and I still wasn't good with advanced levels of cake decorating like fondant and all back then. "Are you sure?" I'd witnessed myself ask her. She'd been super confident about me and my cakes though and so it happened ... the Leo Dad at 64 Cake - which was a completely personalized cake just as my friend requested!

When I asked her what kind of a cake she wanted, she told me she had no idea. So she decided to check out pictures of the cakes I'd made so far back then. She fell in love with three designs and then we narrowed it down to the one she loved most. It was the 'Sweetheart's Delight' cake she chose and then told me how she wanted it personalized. I changed the cake to include her message 'Leo Dad at 64' and changed the pink girly colors to yellow so it'd suit his dad and the occasion. She was so happy and I was super excited to get to bake for her dad. It was such a big deal and she'd chosen me to do it!

The Sweetheart's Delight cake design is one of my original buttercream cake designs. Originally, I'd made it to surprise a friend on her wedding anniversary. It features chocolate squigglies on the sides and candy hearts on the top. For this cake instead of adding the original two candy hearts in the center I piped out the message 'Leo Dad at 64' in the middle right on top. It stood out and looked so funky! The rounded beady border was embellished with gold pearls and there were hand piped candy hearts on top.

I love the squiggly effect on the sides. It adds that little bit of funk and fun to cakes!

I piped out candy hearts free hand for the cake. Each one of the hearts atop this cake design is piped with a slight deliberate casualness so that they give that doodle-like effect which goes perfectly with the adorable squigglies on the sides.

The cake was beautiful! My friend ended up getting a bigger size and a double layer so this cake was MIGHTY HUGE! I was so happy after having completed this one. I'd worked extra hard on smoothing the buttercream to perfection so that it was so smooth and perfect it almost looked as sleek as fondant. The cake was made with lots and lots of love and I was really excited to find out her dad's reaction to my cake!

He loved it! My friend shared with me pictures of him posing with my cake and ooooooh the wonderful feeling I felt in my heart upon seeing them. MY cake. MY creation. Somebody surprised their loved one and chose MY cake to do it. Wow! Just wow! That's what Mission Sweetness is all about; spreading smiles, one baked creation at a time!

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