Friday, June 15, 2018

Potterific July Photo Challenge!

Grab your wands, pull up your sleeves, get ready! I'm beginning my annual celebration of the biggest and best fandom of the world. Ladies and gentlemen, I officially announce The Potterific July! What is it, you ask? A grand celebration of Harry Potter throughout July. Each year I celebrate Harry and JK Rowling's birth month Potterhead style. Throughout the month I blog about all things Harry Potter. Some of that includes my favorite bits from the books and movies and showcasing my HP merchandise and collection. Basically I go about posting as much HP magic all around as possible. It's a bloody brilliant way of honoring the fandom and I have so much fun by the time the month ends that I'm hoping for a couple extra days. Haha!

This year I'm doing something special! I'm challenging myself to a fantastic Potterific July Photo Challenge! I'll be posting a Harry Potter themed photo on my Instagram each day of the month based on the prompts I've put together in the picture above. Each post will be tagged with the hashtag PotterificJuly. I'm so excited! But wait, there's more ...
Since it will be super cool to have more and more magic in my feed I'm opening the challenge up for all Potterheads to join. No commitments, no pressure. Join me on Instagram and follow along the prompts all month. If you miss a prompt here and there that's fine too! No rules except tag your photos with the hashtag #PotterificJuly so whoever is participating in the challenge can find your posts too! I'll be featuring the most awesome posts throughout the challenge in my Instagram story and maybe on my blog too if I got the chance. I can't wait to meet new Potterheads on Instagram and connect with those I already know through the challenge.

So here's what to do:

  • Grab a copy of the prompt list by saving/screenshotting the picture above.
  • Get ready by planning or 'drafting' your picture posts.
  • Somehow let me know you'll be joining me for the #PotterificJuly Instagram challenge. You can find me on Instagram at @Saraallie and DM or comment on the prompt post there. You could also leave me a comment below this blog post and leave a link to your Insta for me to check out.
  • Be there on the first of July with the hashtag #PotterificJuly shining on your posts on Insta!
The more Potterheads the better and more fun July shall become! Remember to connect with me on Instagram at @Saraallie so I know you're joining us too! Have fun!

Mischief Managed.
See you on the first!


  1. Sara! What a great idea! I won't be able to join, I'm afraid, but I'll be following you on Instagram and commenting. This is going to be one #PotterificJuly!

    1. I am SO happy I have you on Instagram now :D So so so happy!


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