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My Favorite Quotes & Moments From Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The Chamber of Secrets! What a fantastic book it is. It's true that the Sorcerers Stone holds a super special place in my heart because it's officially the 'welcome' to the magical wizarding world' for me. However, the second book is really special too. I found that in the second sequel of the Harry Potter awesomeness every little inch of Rowling's plot just solidified. It was like each character was built upon, each relation laid out in front of us, each little detail's seeds sown. Harry, Ron, and Hermione became stronger than ever in the Chamber of Secrets. Magic became much more detailed. Oh and Voldemort became much more real too. There was so much history given to us readers about Hogwarts, about Hagrid, about Tom Riddle. Brilliant! Just brilliant! I loved every little bit and this year, when the Chamber of Secrets completes twenty brilliant years, here are some of my top most favorite moments from the Chamber of Secrets!

The Chamber of Secrets introduced us to the one and only Dobby! Dobby the free elf! Dobby the life saver. Dobby the friend! Dobby, the most loyal one. Dobby is actually one of my most favorite characters. Oh and his death completely shattered me. I still haven't forgiven JKR for killing him. But I do appreciate that she gave him everything he could have hoped for at the time of his death. He died, saving Harry's life, in Harry's arms. He even got a proper burial. That was a little satisfying at least. Anyhow, Dobby's arrival in the second book was so hilarious! I wish one day when I'm hiding in my bedroom from unwanted guests a house elf like Dobby would appear in my room too! Hahaha! That would actually be so awesome.

Do you agree with me that in the second book this flying car was an entire character of its own? But that's not why I chose this as one of my favorite moments. I think that in the Chamber of Secrets we found out a lot more about the Weasleys and Harry in fact found his 'family'. The Weasleys were the closest to family Harry had and Ron was his best friend. This was the moment in the entire series where Ron and Harry's relationship developed the most. They lived in the same house and as roommates they became even better friends than before. The moment when the twins and Ron came to rescue Harry on his birthday was one of my favorites. It was serious cool business!

Hahahahahaha! Each and every single time I just laugh at this. There's no way to get her tone our of my head. You could have been hurt, you could have been seen! Hahahahaha! I love Molly Weasley. She was the only motherly figure in Harry's life. This was definitely one of the top moments of the Chamber of Secrets. Hilarious!!! I also loved seeing all that magic going on at the Burrow. Can I please get that magical scrubber washing her dishes? I really need it.

This guy. Thisssssss. This absolute dunderhead of a professor! Lockhart was the sassiest and the funniest. I try to imagine how awful Snape must have felt to see him appointed as DADA professor instead of himself. Imagine the burn! Hahahahaha! I do have to point out something though. I was just reading the second book again and I realized that the Lockhart in the books was actually so annoying that I developed a dislike towards him. In the movies they glorify him and make him into something funny but in the books he's actually rude to the point where I wanted somebody to tell him off! *laughs* Crazy, this one!

This scene gave me goosebumps. This was the first time I felt darkness in the books. In the Sorcerer's Stone Voldemort had simply arrived at the end in Harry's presence and I hadn't felt as scared as I did in the second book. When the Chamber of Secrets was opened I felt horrible, especially at the prospect of Hogwarts being closed down and the students sent back home. People becoming petrified, Harry hearing voices that promised murder and mutilation, and finally Ginny's body being taken in ... it was all scary! In the movies, Filch's reactions were my favorite about this part! "I wanna see some punishment!" Anything that annoys Filch works, right?

Ron was THE best through out the Chamber of Secrets. THE best! His expressions stole the show. One of my favorite moments was when he met with the spiders. I have a fear of bugs too, especially spiders; they give me a heart attack. So I knew how terrible he must have felt. Watching the spiders was really a queasy sight for me to watch but Ron made everything so funny! "Can we panic now!?" Hahahahaha! I love Ron!

Ooooooh boy oh boy, this scene was such a classic. This was diving straight into Voldemort's character. Like an X-Ray through to his soul. So awesome! I had goosebumps throughout this encounter. THAT BASILISK WAS THE COOLEST AND SCARIEST THING EVER! The makers of the movies did so so so much justice to this entire part from the books. It was fantastic!

One of the reasons why the Chamber of Secrets is so special is because it's the first time Harry and Ginny come together. Little did Harry know then that he'd end up marrying the girl he'd saved. Hahaha! How romantic! This is officially where the seeds are sown to Harry/Ginny's ship!

And before I conclude lets stop and have a moment of appreciation for Ronald Weasley's absolutely awesome expressions throughout the movie! I love this guy! Hahahahahahahahaha! His expressions deserved a special kind of award! Brilliant!

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