Sunday, June 10, 2012

JunPhoMo 10th

Today's June Photography Month's prompt is 'Something You Collect' OR 'Music'. Now I don't listen to music anymore, so I'll go with the first prompt! Earlier this morning, when I read the prompt for today I began thinking of what to post because I don't really go out with the intention of collecting anything any day, nor have I ever done that when I was younger. But then I thought this could be anything that I could call my collection, and I began thinking with that thought in mind. At first I thought I should post something about Harry Potter because I love collecting Harry Potter merchandise, the more the better! But when I skimmed through the pictures I had taken I couldn't find one that had the whole collection combined. I thought some more .. and some more .. and THEN I found it!

I have a HUGE collection of stuffed toys! And since the time this picture was taken I have probably bought or been gifted with a few more! I love love LOVE stuffed toys, they are just SO awesome! Each stuffed toy in my collection is named! My favorite one's include Po, the hugest teddy in the above picture, and the smaller teddy bear, Snuggles who is sitting on Po's foot on the right side of the picture. Both of them LOVE food, especially Po who seriously needs dieting! Hee hee!

No, I am not schizophrenic! I know they're not alive so I'm still all right in the head. I just feel like they are much more loyal and truer friends than human beings are, and so for me each one of them has a personality of their own. Po even has a Facebook profile by the way, so beware! The orange one with the yellow hat is Happy, and the white teddy on the left is Polka. The one you see at the back, besides Po is Humphrey. Most of the time my sister is the one who helps me decide names for my stuffed toys, she is very creative when it comes to naming them .. and sometimes I do not agree with her too, like she wanted to name Snuggles, Bashir! I mean come on!!

Some of the other stuffed toys that aren't a part of this picture include a stuffed Elmo, sent to me by my high school teacher, a little teddy bear who is wearing a hoodie and was a birthday gift from one of my college mates, a yellow fat chick called Gup, a lady bug convertible-cushion gifted to me by my sister who is yet to be named, and a special stuffed Testudo, which is my University's mascot!

 I found Mr. Testudo with a LOT of effort! My University's Business School, Robert H. Smith School of Business began a competition on their Facebook page and decided they would place one of these stuffed toys somewhere in their building called Van Munching Hall and would post a clue for us to go and look for it; whoever finds Testudo gets to take him home. After searching for a little over half hour, I found him one fine day! 

Then, I hadn't been accepted at the school and was waiting for their reply to my application. Now, I am a proud Terp who is soon going to begin her major at the business school Inshallah! This stuffed toy in particular will always have that awesome memory attached to it!

- S. Ali

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