Monday, June 11, 2012

JunPhoMo 11th

Today's June Photography Month's prompt is 'Something that represents your city/town/village/where you live' OR 'A picture of something that reminds you of the decade you grew up in'. I kind of have a picture which would fit somewhat in both those categories. But I have another picture for the second prompt, so lets just keep both separate anyway.

Here's the picture I chose for the first prompt:

Delicious, fresh Mithai (Desi sweets) from the famous Sohny Sweets & Bakers! This is the picture that I thought would be suitable for both representing my home country, Pakistan, as well as for reminding me about a decade of my life. This box of mixed mithai marked the arrival of any and every occassion, from Eid to Ramzan to weddings and etc. I grew up eating them, and my favorites were the 'heart-shaped' Paan, the Laddoos with colorful little somethings in them and the Bangali mithai, the name of which I was never sure of, I think it was Bhashani or something, no idea! Just looking at this picture is tingling my taste buds and I am literally controlling myself to not drool!

For the second prompt here's another picture:

YES! Harry Potter! My all time favorite! It marks a decade of my life that I spent while growing up! Seven books, One story, It All Ended on an amazing but sad July 15th! Going to watch the freshly released LAST ever Harry Potter movie in cinema was one of those extremely memorable experiences of my life - and as most of my happy memories, this one too involved the presence of my sister! She was the only one willing enough to take me when I was on the verge of tears for not being able to watch it on time. I love her yet again for this experience. It was ... I don't think it can really be explained in words. The shivers of watching the Battle of Hogwarts on big screen with boosting sound from the speakers hitting me from all directions was too too good! And it really, actually felt that I was with the golden trio in their search for the last few Horcruxes in that theatre. The experience was, in the words of Ron Weasley, "Bloody Brilliant!"

I feel like another few decades down the road (if I survive) I will be sitting on a comfortable arm chair thinking of all the best memories that I have collected all my life, and pretty much all of them except maybe one or two would have the same thing in common - My partner in good, bad, sadness, and happiness .. my sister <3

- S. Ali

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