Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Wooohooooo! End of exams yesterday, and today Saraallie is back to her blog! There is so much to be written, so much to be said, so much to be heard, and so much to be doneeeee.
I've been waiting for this semester to end since forever, it was super tough. I had some real awful team members for some of my classes, and some of my professors were just too difficult to deal with. BUT now I'm all done with it and I'm glad! I don't even want the next semester to begin, haha!

Meanwhile, for the holidays .. here are my plans:

1) Get my room back in order - FINALLY the ceiling leak that stupid sandy storm caused has been fixed so I need to get my mattress back to my room, my shelves and table etc all settled again .. in short I need to make my room live-able again! SPECIAL PLAN: I'm making an entire section Harry Potter themed! Can't wait for it to start coming together!

2) Learn some new stuff to bake - I have to bake sugar cookies and learn how to use royal icing .. I have to try a Red Velvet Cake, a Rose technique, and coffee flavored cupcakes of some sort!

3) SCRAPBOOK!: My scrapbook has been neglected since almost three years now! I'm still at the part where I had moved to States. Desperately, it has to be rescued because I want to keep all my happy memories safe! Also, I'm planning to start a new Harry Potter scrapbook with all my Harry Potter adventures safe and secure for me to treasure forever.

4) Blog: There is too much going on in my head related to my blogs. For this blog I have some dress/outfit DIYs in store which I'll have to search for in my many picture folders. For my cooking I have awesome tutorials which I have to write up and post, also I still have to blog on their about the cupcakes I baked on Halloween for the class. There's actually a LOT due from birthday cakes to tutorials, etc etc.

5) Cooking: I have a lot to learn in cooking this holiday! The only thing I know how to do is to cook curries of various kinds. I need to learn how to make different types of rice, daals, and vegetables. So there's a LOT to learn, experiment with, and hopefully enjoy!

Yeah, I put the idea out pretty clear: I HAVE TO DO A LOT IN THESE HOLIDAYS and I am super duper excited! Let's see how much time I get to do all of it!

- S. Ali

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