Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sandy ruins it!

Some time back before Thanksgiving Break, we were hit by the terrible Sandy Storm. Even though the main storm didn't hit Maryland, where I live, it was still pretty horrible. Especially for my family, it was pathetic because we saw some damage to our house thanks to the heavy rain and winds! 

The most important and worst news of all: SANDY CAUSED A LEAK IN MY PRECIOUS BEDROOM'S CEILING!!! *insert Gollum's annoying voice* "SANDY RUINS IT!!!"

My ceiling randomly began to drip from one place and then when the rain became heavier so did the flow of the drip! Finally, this guy had to be called over to take a look at it. He arrived before the storm became even worse and decided that the ceiling had to be cut through.

But no, that wasn't enough; the leak started spreading further and further because Sandy was misbehaving really badly now! Gradually it reached my vent and tada! The vent started leaking too. So now I had two buckets collecting water.

With buckets collecting water from my ceiling I went downstairs completely devastated ... came back a few minutes later to find ANOTHER place in my ceiling swelling up! A big bubble was there, and kept on growing bigger and bigger in front of my eyes! My brother actually had to reach up there with a knife and make a slit to let the water pour out into a third bucket.

For about two months there was no fixing my room, because the dude who fixes stuff in the house said he was 'busy' *imagine my sarcastic face here please*. And so I kept waiting, hoping that one day my room would be back to normal again. Meanwhile I had been sleeping in my mom's room; my mattress along with the frame had been shifted and placed on the floor in her room and I was moving from her room to my own closet, my own bathroom .. and ugh, I was basically all over the place!

FINALLLLLY my room was fixed, months later, exactly at the time when I was memorizing stuff for my horribly tough exams. With all that disturbance going on it was tough to study, but if somebody could fix my precious room for me I WAS UP FOR IT!

My next challenge: getting my room back to the EXACT same awesome look as it used to be!
More on that in my next entry, coming up soon!

- S. Ali

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