Sunday, February 10, 2013

Potter-fied My Room!

GORGEOUS! That is what my room looks (once again) now that I've redone it!
For a look at my room before the great Sandy leak go here!
My room is fully back in order now, and looks EXACTLY the same once again. But since I had an opportunity to re do the whole thing from scratch I made a couple changes.

First: my closet looks different from inside and more organized! (pictures might come later!)
Second: The closet door in my room was just too plain and white for me to deal with, so THAT is some more added color now! Will post more about that in my next entry! (Haven't taken any picture yet)
Third: and this is what this entry is about, my book shelf!

As I said earlier, I had this plan to make a Harry Potter section in my room. After all, there had to be SOME special display for all the new Harry Potter merchandise I bought from my trips to the Wizarding World Orlando, and HP Exhibit NYC! Also, I had to preserve the decorations and props my sister had made herself for my HP themed birthday celebration. And so I decided that it was my book shelf that needed the theme!
Here's a before after picture of my book shelf and I am just SO proud to see this!


I had some HP stuff there before, but over all it was pretty much JUST a book shelf where I had kept all my school books, HP books, etc.


Now, it is a complete HP themed corner of my room! It really is the most awesome feeling when people (especially HP fans) walk into my room and go all ' =O ' when they take a first look at it! And yes, it is an absolute must that they walk up close to it and take a look at EVERYTHING in detail!!
For my blog readers, I'll be posting the details right here!

The top most part of the shelf is basically a Hogwarts and Quidditch grounds kind of setting, complete with the HUGE sized Snitch balloon my sister got me (which keeps making noises when I'm trying to sleep at night)

So there is Hogwarts, The Castle (cake topper from my birthday) standing with pride on the very top of the shelf. And then, there are Quidditch hoop goals posts and House banners that my sister had crafted by hand, right behind them. It really looks like a scene from the movies, the Hogwarts Castle in the foreground and the House banners and Quidditch hoops in the background.

Just as it is in the real HP World, there is a gorgeous classic Hagrid's Hut, complete with his oversized pumpkins' patch right beside the castle, in the grounds somewhere.
So the top part is basically a setting of the grounds, and the castle as a whole .. kinda like the HP outdoors!

The first shelf is sweet and simple! It has the yummy Honeydukes shop prop by my sister. And next to it I have displayed the ice cream cup I saved and brought back home with me from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Orlando! The ice cream was UH-MAZING! And the cup was just tooooo good to be thrown away!!! And then on top of the ice cream cup is a Famous Witches and Wizards Card that my sister made for me. It has my name on it, a sweet description of me and behind a picture :D I love it! I've saved it for EVER and EVER!
Next to Honeydukes, you can see the little journal I bought from The Wizarding World Orlando. It has the Hogwarts crest embossed on it and it's all leather .. GOOD STUFF! And then there's also a cauldron right beside that.

Above is a picture of the second shelf. And yes, that is a replica of Platform 9 3/4! Again, the whole prop was crafted by my sister!

On the left most is Fred the Owl. My sister gifted this to me on my birthday, named it Fred, and got another one named George for herself! One of my best friends of course ;) Fred sits on the left side of the second shelf with my Butterbeer Mug ... YES it is the authentic butterbeer mug which I bought when I ENJOYEDDDD that delicious frozen Butterbeer at The Wizarding World Orlando!

On the right side I have my Harry Potter Books (American Version) proudly displayed as a prized possession. And on top a little box in which there used to be a Harry Potter watch when I was little. The watch stopped working and sadly I lost it somewhere while moving out! And ofcourse a cauldron to perfect the HP look.

And right in the center is the most coolest prop my sister made on my birthday, Platform 9 3/4. The Hogwarts Express, the entrance to the Platform, the platform, wizard luggage, and cauldron .. COMPLETE PERFECTION! And how can a wizard leave for Hogwarts without their wand?

Along with (my) wizard luggage and cauldron, I have displayed my wand! This is actually a pen shaped like the Elder Wand which I bought some time back when the last movie had released! It's classic, looks really authentic, only shorter. And instead of using it as a pen, I saved it as a HP decor!

On the next shelf is a display of my Harry Potter books (British edition) which is missing the first book (left back home when I moved to the US, sadly), the second book (same story), and the fifth (because my brother tore it. YES HE DID! He was demonstrating wrestling on it and whatever he did made the binding go loose). But one fine day ... I will get them all back somehow and make my collection complete!
Behind the books are two of the pictures I got from 1) The Wizarding World Orlando's ride The Forbidden Journey and 2) The NYC HP exhibit!
Behind those two is my HP Exhibit guide, and a Film Wizardry book I got for myself some time back which is literally the loveliest book ever made for HP! I SWEAR!!! Maybe sometime I'll take pictures of the stuff and post it as another entry :D It is AMAZINGGGGGG!
Also there is a wizards' hat candle holder (sister bought on my birthday) and a cauldron and ...


Here's a picture of the other two things that I bought from there and the Exhibit in NYC. When I took pictures of my shelf I hadn't placed these two in place yet, but now they're exactly placed around the Gryffindor mug:

There is this gorgeoussss gorgeous GORGEOUS Gryffindor pen I bought from the NYC Exhibit! I have kept it safe .. only to be used for REALLY important occasions! And My Time Turner Key Chain which I bought from The Wizarding World!

Here's a delicious close up of the Time Turner! The sand in it actually actually moves, each dial rotates infact. It is VERY real I tell you and I'm sure one day it WILL transport me back in time! I'm just doing it wrong ;)

And finally to complete the HP book shelf on the right is my HP Clock! The Weasley Clock :D Yessssssss! I put stars on everyone's faces because I don't display photographs in my room but I had to display the clock somehow :D They're stickers and removable without damage so I'm satisfied with it! And along that is the Harry Potter Iphone Case my sister gifted me on my birthday! It has a gold shiny border and a Hogwarts crest in the center, beautiful bright colors! The reason it looks faded here is because I've displayed it in its plastic case which reflected back in my camera. I don't want stupid icky dirt to accumulate on it!

and so THAT! everybody, is my HP corner of the room :D And the poster displayed nearby on the right side of the self (couldn't take a picture as my camera died) and on the left is a BROOM (not real, but this fake one my sister got me on my birthday) which I've hung from the wall right beside my shelf! Maybe if I'm not being lazy I will take a picture of those two and attach them to this entry later on!

But for now this is all I had to write about! I still need something from the other three houses on my bookshelf! I need something from Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw! I have Gryffindor stuff and also Hogwarts stuff .......... STILL NOT COMPLETE THOUGH! Heehee ... that's more gift ideas for everybody on my next birthday ;)

- S. Ali


  1. My bookshelf is so jealous of your bookshelf! I really only have my books lined up - this have given me much inspiration to go HP decoration hunting! *woop woop* to a fellow Gryffindor! :)

    1. Hey there Katy! I am soooooooo happy to know I've inspired a Potterhead into Potter-fying their book shelf! I wanna see your bookshelf when you're done with it :D


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