Saturday, May 18, 2013

Biryani - Access DENIED!

What a wonderful feeling it is when you hear, "We'll eat Biryani tomorrow!" If you're a food-lover like me you spend the entire day delighted, sleep with the excitement to wake up to Biryani, and spend the next day waiting for dinner when you will finally get to devour the perfect rice-love; B.I.R.Y.A.N.I

What a devastation it is when you hear, "Change of plans!" *inserts heartbreaking sound here* .. and I mean into a million pieces kind of sound. That is the story of my yesterday and today. My dear sister, commander-in-chief of our house's kitchen, the famous Abbie announced yesterday that she was going to feed me Biryani  the next day. Innocent hungry food-crazy me; I was so excited, little did I know my hopes were going to be shattered. Biryani is my favorite. No wait, let me specify: it is my favorite KIND OF RICE only. I have food favorites in every culinary category, heehee! Whenever my sister announces Biryani my stomach is the happiest stomach in the history of stomach existence. I spent the entire yesterday excited to eat Biryani, I thought I deserved it too because I worked so hard on my final exams last week. This morning I woke up thinking Biryani, I vacuumed half the house and cleaned the washrooms, thus burning more calories and making space for Biryani in my belly. When about a third of the day was over my sister declared a change of plans! *another heartbreaking sound* (million pieces kind of sound)

Abbie's in the kitchen with the exhaust fan zooming away and I can smell delicious flavors; but not Biryani flavors. I know she'll be cooking some delicious Pulao; but not delicious Biryani. I already know I'm going to LOVE the pulao and devour it like a hungry idiot; but it's just NOT Biryani.

Biryani Biryani Birrrrr yaaaaa niiiii! Biryani. Aaaaah! BIRYANI!
With this blog post I'll make it crystal clear to my sister: if you tell me you're cooking Biryani, you cook Biryani. I love all your food Abbie but look at the Biryani-deprived state I am in right now, haha! If only you hadn't raised my hopes about Biryani .....

Meanwhile let's just suffice with a PICTURE of what I COULD be eating right now!!!! (I googled Biryani!! Sadly I do not own that Biryani platter!)

- S. Ali

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