Thursday, May 23, 2013


Away from home I am so deprived right now!
Here's a list of everything I'm deprived of right now:

1. Sleep ~ Jet lag sucks. Big time. While Abbie was fast asleep all night, she kept having nightmares and her reactions to those kept me from sleeping. The few times, if ever, when sleep finally decided to show up Abbie woke me up again. As a result, I spent the entire night awake and now I'm super sleep deprived at 8 in the morning. I know that means that I have the entire day ahead of me to sleep and catch up, but that's not going to be possible; Mom will probably end up going out today and she will not take my sleep deprivation as an excuse. End result, I have to stay awake for more than 24 hours today. Good luck to me!

2. Food ~ Breakfast and all the other meals are always on time, whenever I am hungry. Here we're relying on the dude working in the kitchen and he showed up this morning hours late with a gigantic smile on his face apologizing for not waking up on time. End result, I WAS STARVING! The hunger issue was exacerbated because I was up all night in the dark. What do you do when there is nothing you can see? Simple, you stare in empty space and your stomach starts growling and making super scary noises as if demanding food immediately.

3. High speed internet ~ While the only thing I'm glad about right now is the fact that we have internet access so I am able to blog (at least), what is annoying is that the internet is slow and keeps disconnecting. Oh the joy's of high speed awesome internet back home! I miss that so much. I can't randomly turn on my laptop and press Google Chrome to be auto logged in to my Facebook and my wonderful baking page ... which leads me to number 4 on this list ...

4. My Facebook page ~ Abbie and I are sharing one laptop because there is no wifi. I know she's a writer and these writer people breathe through their writing; I want her to be able to use the internet whenever she is bored (which is always, in our present case). End result? I've logged on to my page for no longer than 5 minutes in two days! What kind of a blasphemy is that? But wait ... there's something worse for number 5!

5. Baking ~ I do not have my shining gorgeous red Kitchenaid. I do not have my handsome ovens. I do not have all the awesome baking equipment here to be able to bake my heart out. Plus there is no time nor energy in me to try baking in dad's tiny oven .. did I mention no motivation? No? Well ... no motivation either!

6. Comfort ~ I know I used to live here all my life, but honestly dad needs to get this place renovated. Time has moved on, we have moved on, but these rooms haven't! Dad has maintained the areas of the house he's using but the other rooms are literally begging for attention! And you know what the worst and most annoying discomfort is? My laptop, when charging, does not let me lie down in peace because the charger's wire isn't long enough from the nearest switch!

7. TV!!! ~ I have NO clue why I saved this one for last but honestly TELEVISION DEPRIVATION IS PATHETIC!!! Dad has a tv set in his room but there are NO Bollywood channels there; no Star Plus that I am addicted to watching. I 'tried' (I repeat, TRIED) thinking of something positive hidden behind this disaster and I decided just one thing: if we don't have Star Plus here I can go and catch up my dramas and soaps through my DVR, once I'm back home ... provided it doesn't run out of empty space for recording!

This time I was just not motivated, excited, delighted, or looking forward to this trip. I so want time to go faster so that I'm back home and baking again! My next few entries will probably be a bit happier (hopefully). Heehee, the only thing I am looking forward to is shopping for clothes and shoes and jewelry and scarves! And eating some of the awesome stuff that I used to enjoy when I used to live here; those few rare things that haven't been exported to USA yet!

- S. Ali

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