Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bubbles to the rescue!

I take great pride in declaring that bubbles have been saving me from the sheer boredom that has resulted ever since I landed here in Karachi. With there being a shared slow internet connection that I mostly let my sister use, no Bollywood television to watch, and no baking to do all I have been doing is exploding bubbles! I am not hallucinating, in case somebody is wondering. All I mean is that I'm playing Bubble Explode on my iPhone that has now become a toy without 3G or telephone service. Draw Something is one of those many apps and games that is not working without the internet. I have Angry Birds and Cut the Rope as well but for some reason exploding bubbles is my thing more than they are.

I landed here totally aware of the torture the next few days were going to be; and no, it isn't the city or the country that I'm cursing .. I used to live here all my life! It is the lack of renovation in my house. I seriously do not understand why Dad hasn't thought of renovating the place. We live close to the sea area and there is already a lot of maintenance required because of the sea's effects, and on top of that the house wasn't being used because we moved out; things have started rusting away and Dad hasn't rescued them. His own room which is the only room of the house that was being used is like a hotel! In our room, the AC decides to take a rest whenever it wants to, the washroom is in a miserable state so that we do not understand where the sound of dripping water is coming from, and the doors have changed their colors from a handsome wood brown to a dull God knows what color!

Blah, anyway! Bubbles!!! I was playing Bubble Explode all night yesterday while everybody was sleeping, playing it most all day today whenever I was awake, and will probably be playing all night tonight as well; I've slept too much and I know I won't sleep any more now.

The next few days are going to be a challenge. I have no idea when I will run out of iPhone's battery and the levels available in Bubble Explode. What will I do then? ... still a mystery! But hopefully everything will get better soon because we'll be out shopping! Clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc etc .. my most awesome looking-forward-to while I'm going to be here!

- S. Ali

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