Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Phi Kappa Phi ~ Honored! Woohoo!

What a fabulous day it was when I logged on, signed in to my email, and found this precious invitation waiting for me! Top 10 percent of seniors; in the entire university!!! Not just my Business school ... entire University of Maryland! WOW!

 I knew I was going to join the instant I finished reading the email. Sadly, I have a final project presentation at the exact same time of the initiation ceremony *sighs* .. so I will not be able to attend that. BUT, they're saying they will mail my Phi Kappa Phi Pin, certificate, etc. to me! So .. yayyyy! I'm the member of two Honor Societies now; the International Golden Key and the Phi Kappa Phi! #ProudOfMyself

-S. Ali

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