Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hasee Toh Phasee ~ Movie Review

Like me, if you are into drama, cheesy flicks, and comedy .. and well.. Sidharth Malhotra .. Hasee Toh Phasee is what you should be watching right now!

Sid's second movie was released in February and the instant I saw it I knew the guy had not disappointed me. After his majestic launch as Abhimanyu in Student of the Year by Karan Johar, little did anybody know how well he would do as an actor on his own. Everybody knows Karan Johar can raise people's standards TOO high; the real test is after he is done with actors; will they survive the hype? Sidharth Malhotra did! And to my surprise, I actually liked Parineeti Chopra in the movie too; this was the first time I was watching her and prior to HTP she was on my hate-list.

The movie is about two EXTREMELY ordinary people. The plot is ordinary, the story is ordinary .. but the acting and comedy is extra ordinary! I laughed a lot throughout the movie, cried too, had the 'awwwww' moments, and the 'aaaaah' moments. Aww moments happen when I find my kind of cheesy on screen. Aaaah moments happen when I find Sidharth Malhotra kind of awesomeness on screen. This movie had both; win-win!

Other than the fact that he continues to look exceptionally good in the movie, Sidharth Malhotra's acting is awesome too. And the poor guy improved on his dancing too, after the much criticized response for Student of the Year. I loved watching his character; a simple man, struggling in life, and the kind of 'senti' that I could personally relate to! All biases aside (Ahem!) .. he has genuinely performed excellent in the movie!

 But he wasn't the only one who met my expectations; Parineeti does a wonderful job! Because of the fact that she was launched against Arjun Kapoor (who I hate from the core of my heart) I hated her. I never wanted to watch her act, until I learned she was the next actress Sid was working with! Now that is an instant bias, but yes, I just had to watch her now. She does a phenomenal job; the faces she makes in the movie, the way she talks, the way she behaves .. everything is just super adorable! She cracked me up throughout the movie. She even gave mom a good laugh (who I had forced into watching a Sidharth Malhotra movie with me).

I have seen the movie twice already and it only just released two months back; that is how much I liked it! I must recommend this one for all the cheesy, sentimental, Bollywood fans out there who like me would love to watch a good romantic comedy. And .. umm .. if you have doubts; JUST WATCH IT FOR SIDHARTH MALHOTRA! *winks*

Saraallie's Rating: 5 Stars!

- S. Ali

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