Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Things To Do Before I Graduate

A while ago, I had made a list of things I wanted to do before I graduated from The University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business! For some extremely unknown reason, I never published the entry; it lay in my blog's list of drafts! (How stupid am I, hmm?)
With the last day of classes done, last presentation delivered, last project submitted, last assignment completed, and last last last last everything over .. I think it is about time I posted this entry!

I only have two exams left, one on Saturday, and the other on Monday! Then I will be DONE! Graduation on the 23rd and then days of relaxation, stress-relief, MOVIES, internet, blogging, BAKKIINNGGG <3 aaaaaaaaaah! I will throw a happy fit if I keep thinking about it!

So here it is ..

Things To Do Before I Graduate
1) Get a picture taken with Testudo
2) Eat something from Smith's cafe
3) Take a selfie in Smith's bathroom's mirror
4) Present extempore
5) Have my picture posted on any UMD related Facebook page
6) Tell all my professors about Sara's Baked Creations
7) Write a message and sign my name somewhere; a table, chair, door, wherever!
8) Tell an idiotic group member the truth; "You are not working, and that is wrong!"
9) Get pictures taken with some of the professors who liked me
10) Sit on the entrance/exit mat and get my picture taken
11) Meet President Loh once and get a picture taken with him
12) Attend a university event
13) Get the 'Kiss me I'm a Senior' pin
14) Buy something that says Smith School on it
15) Take cupcakes for a class and receive feedback
16) Meet the dean
17) Take Bestie to Smith!
18) ...

The list has kept on increasing in length as more and more things keep coming to my crazy head!!
Let's see how many more I add, and let's see how many I accomplish before graduation!

- S. Ali

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