Wednesday, August 13, 2014

In Love with Denim ~ Spoiled by Wet n Wild Your Fly's Down Review

So one fine day I randomly had the desire to buy a blue shade of nail polish. I didn't just want any blue though, I was looking for a Denim blue that matched exactly with dark blue jeans. Mama and Abbie were informed of this sudden urge and so the three of us kept a look out for the perfect shade whenever we went shopping.

One fine day (again) we finally found the shade I fell in love with. I was out with Abbie at CVS and she helped me pick the shade. It was called 'Your Fly's Down' and was part of the 'Spoiled' line of nail color by Wet n Wild. Love at first sight, Abbie bought it for me and it drove back home with us. At home, it traveled all the way to my room and was placed carefully along with the other shades I own on my dresser.

LOTS of time later, I finally found the time and chance to try it on today. In one word .. it is FABULOUS.

I apply a Base Coat by Sally Hansen on first, then it took me two coats of 'Your Fly's Down' and a Top Coat by Sally again to achieve this GORGEOUS denim shade! The base coat and top coats only add the smoothness and the shine and seal the cracks .. even without them, the shade would be the same.

Good stuff first. The color is AWESOME. It is smooth and easy to apply. The nail polish wasn't too runny (trust me I hate the runny ones, hmph!). It was worth falling in love with, seriously!!
Bad stuff next ..... umm ... er .... It's PERFECT!!! I couldn't even find a single thing wrong with it!!

Check that out! The perfect denim shade I wanted. That is actually my jean that I posed against!

I have a red shade from the same line of nail color and it's my personal favorite! So basically this is the second shade that I've tried and fallen in love with. Aaannnddd so that means I must totally try some other shades from Spoiled too!!! Eeeeeeeeeee. Excited!!!

Oh and before I finish, I did google the meaning of the shade's name (because I was curious). Your Fly's Down basically meant finding someone in an embarrassing situation equal to that of walking around with an unzipped zipper, hahahaha! WEIRD name to choose for a nail color!!

- S. Ali

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