Friday, August 8, 2014

Let's Just Try Now, Okay?

I've had a terribly long time of WRITER'S BLOCK!
Mine is a different kind; I have a LOT to write about in my head, unlike in a traditional block where you can't think of what to write. Instead, I just can't seem to write it all.
Err .. what the hell did I just blabber?

Basically, this post is just a forced attempt by me to get myself back to writing!!
So every day I wake up and log on to my blog and ... just stare at it. Yeah .. just stare and then dun dun dunnn ... time is over. I haven't written anything, only thought about a million things that I COULD be writing about (and actually phrasing them into creative entries) but NOT A WORD in actual proper writing.

Ahhhhh. That's a relief! There, I said it. Maybe now I can break through the pathetic block and get back to some FURIOUSLY AWESOME WRITING!!!!!!

-S. Ali


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