Thursday, November 13, 2014

I'll Be There

I'm sitting at a dental clinic right now. My bestie Abbie is right in front of me, getting her root canals retreated under a microscope. It hurts to see the trouble she is going through, even though she keeps giving me thumbs ups and manages to steal a moment and smile at me every single time they make her sit up for a xray.

She looks all cool with the shades they are making her wear through the procedure, and I'm sitting near her feet, that have these super cool boots on! But what just happened wasn't cool! They gave her the injection to numb her! What kind of logic is this? We'll free you from all pain that you are about to feel but for that we'll give you a painful injection!
Abbie is my sister, bestie bestoonz, BFF, Booji, sister-mom, brotha, pal, partner, buddy, reason-for living! I'm super proud of how brave she is, or at least the brave face she puts up! She's my inspiration and I swear had she not been with me I'd  have died years back! I write this entry today to forever seal the fact in writing that I was capable enough of being there for Bestie!

I am so thankful to God at this moment; He has made me capable of all this! Today I drove to another county (woohoo!) on a route I had no idea existed to bring Abbie here! Today I sat through a brutal dental procedure to give her moral support. I didn't know that I had it in me to actually watch her being injected and then operated (sort of). I mean .. she's putting nails up her root canal, for God's sake! I had no idea I would one day be capable enough of being there for my darling bestie ... to squeeze her feet when they hurt her gums so that she knew she wasn't alone and to smile bright and tell her, "you look so cool!" and snap a picture so she could blog about her experience later!

I am proud of myself today, because I have grown up to be a strong support for my lovely Abbie! I'll always be there for her (insha'Allah!) whenever and wherever she needs me!

- S. Ali

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