Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Post Graduation Plans: Strategic Ass Placement

Here's another follow up of my entry about 'Post Graduation Plans'. I had previously mentioned 'Strategic Ass Placement' as part of my post-grad plans; here is what I had said:

"I am going to carefully place my ass in comfortable areas of the house (such as the couch, bed, etc.) and humbly choose to not do anything. I AM GOING TO BE LAZY! Haaaaaaaaaaaa. It has been four years since a day of doing nothing and I will finally be able to not do anything, not worry about anything, and still cause no academic damage!"

Really! The remarkable change in stress levels is worth noting! It's as if all those classes, busy schedules, and disastrously crazy exams and quizzes were sucking the life out of me! It wasn't until after graduation that I realized how stressed out and tired university made me; I literally felt like my body hadn't rested since eternity. The first few days after graduating I literally informed my family that I was going to take a few 'days off'. By 'days off' I meant complete bed rest! No, COUCH rest actually. Days off from MOVING. From doing ANYTHING. And oh my dear God how awesome did that feel! It felt like heaven! I felt like every single pore of my skin was relaxing; gradually settling down and adjusting on the sofa! I could feel myself breathing! And I'm not even exaggerating! 

Let's just not forget about my Netflix binges! A day off on the couch, in my pajamas, with a hot cup of Chai and paapay to dip in it, my laptop, Netflix, ear phones, and GOSSIP GIRL! I had been trying to finally catch up with Gossip Girl and finish all the seasons since years (literally, years!) ... FINALLY with studies out of the way and no A+'s to run after I was able to finish watching my favorite TV show of all time!!
Until the next time I blog let me just leave with this ... #EnoughSaid

- S. Ali

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