Monday, November 10, 2014

Post Graduation Plans: Driving my Fawkes

What a sweet sweet life it is ever since I have graduated. There is time for EVERYTHING! It is like having my life back now that I do not have hectic schedules to follow. This blog entry is a simple follow up of a previous one titled 'Post Graduation Plans'. And there shall be more of these follow ups coming up next!

One of the awesome plans that I had spoken about in that entry was driving my car!
Here's what I had said:

"First and foremost I have to get back to Fawkes (my car) which has been standing in the garage completely ignored, thanks to my awful schedule with studying! I will finally be hitting the roads again, DRIVING this time rather than being driven. And headed to OTHER places rather than heading to school! How awesome is that!? Where all shall I be headed? I have no clue right now, but I do know one place I have to go to: Hobby Lobby!"

Just as planned!!! My top most priority after graduating was Fawkes! I had so much to do in it as well as to it.
First, I finally got a chance to display my first and only bumper sticker! Abbie put it up on Fawkes on my window! Eeeeeee. It looks SO SO SO good!
When I'm seated inside and driving, there is my face and there is this sticker!!! SO AWESOMEEEEEEE!
This was given to me by Abbie; it was a birthday gift from my last birthday. It was a 'Next Great Baker' themed birthday!
Isn't it awesome? :D

I also got a chance (FINALLY!) to fix the trunk cover/sheet mom had got me ages back! It is such a relief because now that I am driving around we go grocery shopping in Fawkes too sometimes; the cover keeps my trunk protected and clean! I don't have to worry about spills or anything now thank God! I've also hung this gold decor from my rear-view mirror; originally it is supposed to be a Christmas ornament but I frequently use things for different purposes than what they are intended for .. so mine hangs like a chandelier in my car! The red car, beige interior, red cushions, and gold decor goes so fabulously together (Masha'Allah!).

I can't wait to experience new adventures in Fawkes .. and even more impatiently I can't wait to blog about them!

- S. Ali

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