Saturday, November 8, 2014

October in Comics

What a FANTASTIC month October was! My Birthday, awesome fun times with my Bestie Abbie, our Jab We Met Anniversary, new traditions forming, new activities, awesomeness unlimited!!! Here's the month summed up in Bitstrips Comics, because they are just too awesome to not post on my blog!!

The Bestie Kitchen
Abbie and I have had AWESOME times in the kitchen. I set a bulk cooking schedule ever since I graduated, which this month seemed to fall in place for good; we cook in bulk every Tuesday of the week, planning the menu for the entire week and cooking accordingly. The rest of the week we just sit and eat! Sometimes all we have to do is boil and season rice .. but other than that, the tough part is over and we don't have to worry about cooking all week long! We get more time to go and get groceries, or attend to other stuff .. and EVEN BLOG once in a while! Woohoo! The best part is that when we are together we spend the ENTIRE day in the kitchen but we have so much fun that we don't notice how badly our backs have started aching till we finally sit down!

Bestie Shenanigans
Because it is the Fall season (which is our Bestie season of the year, officially!) we have been sooooooo attached at the butt! We both have Fall birthdays (October 19th and Novemeber 19th) so we are both planning gifts and surprises for each other this time of the year. On top of that, being all free from studies has left us so much time to goof around together. We've come up with new Bestie Tunes like the Dhinchiki one below! I'm writing Abbie more Bestie Notes than she can actually handle, heehee!!! and of course ... the letters! Hahahahahaha! I keep singing 'I sent a letter to my Bestie' around her and she is so annoyed!!!

Abbie made the comic below!! She keeps saying I need to be de-juiced!

My 23rd Birthday
Of course October is always the best because it is my birthday month!! I turned 23 this year and what a fabulous birthday Abbie made it to be! She was all busy in super planning and as my birthday approached she gave me that 'I don't have enough gifts for you this year' nonsense!! Truth was: I LOVED MY BIRTHDAY!! My family collected the most well thought out uber cool gifts for me that made my face show up the biggest smile I could possibly manage!!! The MOST coolest part of my birthday was my birthday cake; ABBIE DEBUTED THIS YEAR!! She baked my cake from scratch for the first time in her life; sponge, frosting, everything! And she also decorated it herself! And OH MY GOD what a beautiful cake it was! I was so so so happy, nobody has ever baked and decorated a cake for me before! I'll be writing another blog entry about my birthday !!WITH PICTURES!! Yayyy!
The comics below were all made my Abbie!!!

Our 'Jab We Met' Anniversary
We did something new this year and celebrated the day Abbie and I had first met. That is the 20th of October! It was my idea because that is how I look at my birthday (i.e. the day I met Abbie) but then Abbie told me that she had actually seen me for the first time the day after I was born. Soooo the 20th of October will officially be our 'Jab We Met' (translated as 'when we met' in English!) Anniversary from now on! We didn't do much because 19th was already a fully loaded celebration. We just hung around together, worked on our scrapbook, and shared some M&M candies and hugs! A new reason to celebrate every year ...

Mission Cleanup
Of course! October was that blessed month when my Mission Cleanup started to look like it had finally fallen into place! Everything in the kitchen has its own place; trash too! Thanks to my new remodeled kitchen organization plan we have the trash kept such that it stays the whole week (till the next trash day arrives) and does not give of smell or look pathetic in the middle of the kitchen!
But even though the cooking schedule, trash schedule, and kitchen organization is all done and looks great there is so much for me to do that is left! This house just keeps creating mess! Like literally, I clean a corner, turn around for a second, and it is messy again when I return to it! Somebody in the house is messing up the fridges and because nobody will admit it (as if it is a crime and I will send them to jail!) I have to do something so that it is less of a mess for me to clean! So of course, November shall begin with some fridge organization and cleaning plan for me!! Let's see what I come up with!

Abbie's Birthday Planning
NOVEMBERRRRRRRRRR is my Bestie's birthday month!! Obviously I have something AWESOME planned! I started her gift shopping already in October! My birthday theme is ALMOST final! Soon I shall be driving out to the shops (with mama alone, for the first time!) to buy what all is needed for the awesome day!!! xD

Horror Stories
October wasn't all awesome though! We had some horror stories come up as well. Like Abbie's tooth cap chipped off one day and we had to go to the dentist urgently to get it fixed! They are doubting she has a root canal infection coming up and the dentist wants her to be evaluated by a specialist to determine what they need to do! Fingers crossed nothing will happen to my darling bestoonz!!!
Also a trouble this month was my pathetic neck!! I have had such a bad neckache, migraine, and sleep deprivation ... it's not even funny!

Fawkes In Action
With Bestie's teeth issue obviously we did not have her drive the car! PROUD MOMENT: This October I personally drove Bestie to the dentist and back! Yayyyyyy!

October Sp00ks
October 31st 2014 was special this year because my bond with Bestie had grown even stronger than last year! This year, I was in full spirit too! Abbie is all about scary spooky stuff as it is, but last year I wasn't really READY ready for Haloween Trick or Treaters. I was wearing my 'ghar ki shalwaar' when the children came and Abbie gave out the sweets and candies all dolled up and pretty. This year we got spooky shirts; Abbie's had Jack Skelington on it and mine had two Minions who were dressed up for Halloween (one was a mummy! Haha!). We also got matching head bands that had a witch's hat on top so that it looked like we were wearing them! We don't 'DO" Halloween but HEYYYYY you can't say no to those childrennnn who come asking for candies! I find no harm or wrong in giving out candy (so BOOHOO haters!). It was total Bestie Time on October 31st this year!! I enjoyed my butt off!


- S. Ali

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