Friday, May 1, 2015

April In Comics

Spring Has Sprung
Spring and April began in my life and I had a LOT on my head. It was really great that the harsh cold was finally gone and all my beautiful spring clothes (both old and the new ones I shopped for!) were finally going to be worn and strutted around in. However, something about Spring always made me worried: FLOWERS. Don't get me wrong, I am not a flower/nature hater. I'm just a normal (awesome normal) person who totally freaks out when she sees bugs. I hate bugs. Hate hate hate. Spring brings with it a LOT of bugs which continue into Summer! Thus making Fall and Winter my two favorite seasons. I've been HIDING from bugs inside the house and when I have to step out I'm always hyperventilating. Shoooooooooooooooooooonnnhhh GIANT ASS BEE FLYING PAST ME .. ALMOST TOUCHING ME AND CAUSING A CARDIAC ARREST!

Wisdom Teeth Horror Stories
Most of April was taken up by my wisdom teeth. Those not-so-wise wisdom teeth had been due for extraction and I finally went and consulted a maxillofacial surgeon for them who decided I should have them extracted before they got infected, started causing pain, destroyed the teeth next to them, or did anything-else-pathetic. The next day I was to fast and the day after I was given anesthesia, put to sleep, and brutally cut up to remove those stupid teeth (more on that in an entry later!). The entire rest of the month passed by looking after the swelling, pain, and surgery site. Right now, I continue to look after the giant four holes the teeth have left behind which, according to the surgeon, will soon close up by themselves!

ButtMustGo Resumes
One of the best things that happened in April was the restarting of my ButtMustGo efforts! With my arm finally healed up enough to allow me to get back to working out I've been exercising my butt off (literally!). The results are finally showing up too! If the scale at home is accurate (note to self: tally at the doctor's clinic) I think I've already lost nine or ten pounds within less than four weeks! Hooray! I shall continue and hopefully achieve my goals very soon if it keeps going this well for me!

Back To My Love
Surgeries, doctors, mishaps, and bad health ... I hadn't been able to get back to the love of my life since December: BAKING! I finally baked this month and am planning out some more awesomeness soon! Sara's Baked Creations is back in action!

Creativity Running Wild
April was officially awesome with respect to my creativity! My creativity was running wild and there was so much I was wanting to do!
A major highlight of April was the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. An entry beginning with each letter of the alphabets everyday throughout April. I finished it in superb fashion. Not only did I not miss a single post, I was also always on time (infact ahead!) and completed my Harry Potter theme! All my entries can be found here!
This month my email inbox happily surprised me when I received a message informing me that I had been featured on BlogHer! OH MY GOD I DIDN'T EVEN SUBMIT ANYTHING! Aaaaah. I was so happy! My 3D Hand Drawing Tutorial was featured on their home page and it was such a proud moment for me!
Finally, I am planning a makeover for my washroom and my bedroom! The ideas are already being brainstormed and I've already started shopping and making changes! This shall be awesome! As soon as I am done, I'll obviously be blogging about it! May shall be fun with the makeovers! Woohoo for May Makeovers!!!


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