Friday, May 22, 2015

Of Desi Shaadiyaan ~ Saraallie's Camera

As the season of Desi Shaadiyaan (weddings) approaches I find myself highly uncomfortable. I took the shot above at one of my distant relative's desi wedding; a relative I had never met, was indifferent about meeting, and would never desperately hope to meet again. This was one of the few (oh very very few, really!) weddings I have attended in my life so far. The only other weddings I have been a part of are my uncles' (when I was too young to remember anything), an acquaintance's daughter (where we could hardly attend the whole function and I knew nobody), and a school mate's (who had probably only invited me because I was a friend of her friend and she didn't even bother smiling at me from her stage). So my experiences with shaadis has been pretty vague, uninteresting, or unwanted.

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Surprisingly though, I love the whole Desi wedding feel. It's like my dearly beloved Bollywood comes to life in front of my eyes. Desi weddings always bring tears to my eyes. The awesome songs playing in the background, the beautiful typical decorations, the gorgeous bridal dresses, and those extremely cheesy activities happening in a shaadi hall are all so far from reality. Who likes reality anyway? Not me! Which is the sole reason why shaadis are nice.

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With my recently increasing exposure to shaadis and the relationships that form between two families as a result, I've started seeing a new angle in Desi weddings. This is the angle that helps me see beyond the whole Bollywood-ified event, beyond all the cover up fake stuff, and right through to the tension, fuss, and crap that is involved in the addition of the dreaded 'in-laws' to a family. Sadly I have three weddings to attend in the next few weeks. One of the three I am actually excited about and looking forward to dressing up and attending (now where are those kababs on the menu?! yum yum). Another one of the weddings, I am totally indifferent about. The third one I am absolutely dreading. I couldn't even put in the effort to finalize my clothes yet for the other two, nor do I know the dates (I was told but hey, this face doesn't care!) ... all I know is I'll be dragged there and my eyes, heart, and mind will be set on the food!

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