Monday, May 18, 2015

The Bestie Times

B is for Bestie, who's good enough for me!
B is for Bestie, who's good enough for me!
Bestie Bestie Bestie starts with B!

I just totally redid my blog design and ended up taking inspiration from my Bestie's blog in LOTS of places. One of the major changes I made was sort my entries out in sections and one of those sections is the Bestie Times label. I decided to write an entry to introduce the awesomeness this label shall hold!

I have always had bad luck when it came to finding the kind of true and unconditional friendship they show on television. My friends from school were either with me for a specific reason, like taking notes or temporary entertainment, or they couldn't stay friends because miss jealousy arrived and sat on us with her huge butt. It was always tough to find a good person, grow close to them, and then see them walk away after you just finished investing your maximum emotion in them. I had my sad moments when I fretted over undeserving people, not realizing that friendship is supposed to be effortless and two-sided. Regardless of how many so called friends I saw walking away, I had a special comfort in my life that kept me alive: My Bestie, The Abbie.

Abbie is my awesome shaw-some dear darling sister. She's my five years older cosmetic twin and the reason why I am alive today. She plays various roles in my life and I'll take the opportunity of listing some of them out here:
  1. Booji (a nick I found in a Bollywood movie, used for a father)
  2. Sister Mom (because she is almost raising me up, just like my mom)
  3. Sister
  4. Brotha (cool, yet not so cool slang for brother)
  5. Bestie (the best friend God has given me .. she is my Chaddi Buddy, which is a super hilarious slang phrase for best friend in Urdu-English)
Bestie Abbie (left) holding baby me (right)

I may not have too many people in this world who I can call a sincere friend today, but I have a blessed bond with my sister that goes beyond what normally sisters share. Our lives are intertwined with each other and our love is beyond normal human understanding. No, really! I've seen people trying their best to manipulate stuff and make us doubt each other but thank God it has never worked! I know a lady (let's call her Miss Fake Pearls for decency purposes) who met us separately and lied about my sister saying something totally insignificant about me. I still remember the look on her face and her death-silence when she realized I was not falling for it. Haters gonna hate!

Bestie Abbie (right) making a fool out of me (left) by making me believe somebody will reply back if I said, "Hello!" in that phone! *laughs*

The Bestie Times label on my blog will contain all of our awesome times spent together. Abbie and I venture around the world, exploring and making memories as we go and I shall be blogging about them all very soon, one by one! We've had so many fabulous fun-filled moments in our lives that it is simply insane to not write about them. Some of our Bestie Times lasted for hours, like a good long vacation to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando (yes, we are Potterheads!). Other Times lasted for brief minutes, like a good heart to heart or a hug that lasted for a few seconds only. Regardless of importance and duration, our Bestie Times keep us alive and sane in this absolutely crazy brain-eating world!

Here is to a lifetime of sisterly love and a truly eternal friendship!


  1. Aww Bestooz! You mades meh craai!

  2. Aw, I wish I had a bestie like you do. I think I'll experience a true bestie through your writing in this blog, though, so I don't think I'll be missing too much. I really enjoyed your WWOHP posts and I'm sure your others will be just as awesome and loving about your sis. :-)

    1. Awwww Suzanne! Your comment brought a wide smile to my face! Thank you so much!
      I am so happy to know you enjoyed the WWOHP posts! Thanks!
      It's lovely to have found you through blogging! Stay in touch! :)


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