Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Gubby's First Eidee

Ah, the joys of receiving Eidee on Eid! When we were kids Dad's employees used to come over on Eid to wish him and they used to give us Eidee. Dad used to laugh because he knew all we wanted from the employees was the Eidee, who cared about meeting unknown people, right? *laughs*. Since our relatives' situation wasn't too awesome with half the family being abroad and away I used to look forward to Dad opening his wallet and taking out some crispy Eidee to give to me. I call it crispy because he got fresh clean untouched money notes from the bank especially for Eidee. Even though I had older siblings they never bothered to give me Eidee *hmph* and I never had anybody younger than me to give Eidee to.

This year was my first Eid when I had somebody younger to give Eidee to! I was super excited and I wanted to make it special. It was Gubby's first Eid and even though she is too young to even know what is happening, at 8 months old exactly, she will love what we did for her when she grows up a little bit. Abbie and I really are the best aunties she can hope for *takes a bow*. This year Abbie and I decided that we'd make pretty envelopes by hand to gift Gubby's first Eidee in. We also decided to create an Eidee box. We intend to keep Gubby's Eidee safe with us until she grows up enough to handle it herself (yes, bro can't be trusted, he already thinks this will 'spoil' the kid ... hello, what about festivals and traditions?! Knock knock, can we have sensibility here please?). 

Abbie's the crafty genius behind the envelopes! I shall be posting a tutorial for her beautiful envelopes sometime soon. We went shopping for the envelope paper and ribbons before Eid so we could work on them and be able to gift it to her on her first Eid/eight months' birthday! The envelopes looked so beautiful. Anything with glitter is absolute love, right?!
In addition to the envelopes being fancy, I wanted to write Gubby a note too. I love the thought of writing notes and letters that she'll find when she grows up. It would be so cool! And maybe if she grows up to be like me she'll make a scrapbook or a memory box out of them too. The envelopes were ready in no time and all that was left was the note-writing part. We decided that we'll start with $10 for her first Eid and then make ten dollar increments each year until she is ten years old. When she's ten we'll keep it constant!

Abbie had the fabulous idea of writing on the insides of the envelope flaps as well! We tried to do a quick summary of all that she's started doing and everything she has learnt so far. She has two adorable front teeth growing and does this silly dance/movement which we call the 'duck flap' because she makes duck noises and flaps her hands like one too. She's also started waving with her tiny cute hands which is super adorable! I think it will be so awesome when she grows up and finds these updates written by her aunties.

My note to Gubby!
(Chotoo is a cute nickname for a little one in Urdu)
(Buee is an even cuter nickname that I created for Auntie .. Abbie is Bua because she's the older auntie and I'm Buee because I'm the younger auntie!)
(Guddoo is just another random cute nickname we came up with for Gubby)
(The word written in the lower middle is 'Eid-ul-Fitr' in Urdu!)

A fun extra note I wrote! I have this official song with Gubby that she instantly starts dancing on. It's my version of 'I sent a letter' in which Abbie Bua comes and steals the letter I wrote for Gubby, thus becoming the letter thief!

I know it's nowhere near but I am looking forward to the time when she'll actually be able to read and understand these letters. I can't wait to see how she'll react when she reads the craziness. She's going to love Team Phuppo (that's another Urdu word for paternal aunts!) when she sees all the memories we've collected of her childhood!

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