Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dressed Up Again ~ Eid Day 2!

We woke up on the second day of Eid with my happy mood still there. Yesterday had been such a nice Eid day for me after so long, I was ready to have some more fun today. Today's plan included a lunch at another lady's house. This lady cooks some seriously delicious food; her cooking is the kind you can actually look forward to even if the social setting isn't of your liking. So as usual, I decided to focus extra cautiously on the food part as I began getting dressed. My outfit for today was a gorgeous gold and dark green! I'd been wanting to wear this dress since so long but wasn't getting a chance to. Finally, I took the chance and began pairing matching accessories with it. My mehndi looked beautiful and I found the time and chance to apply nail polish too so everything was just perfect. Red nails, wonderful mehndi, huge blingy ring, gorgeous green earrings, and lots and lots of gorgeous bangles. I stepped back and looked myself in the mirror to love what I saw. I looked awesome!

The car ride to our lunch venue was fun because Gubby was in super fun mode. She kept shooting wide and bright smiles at me as I teased her and made her laugh all the way to the lady's house. People arrived pretty late but she set the lunch buffet for those who were there to dive into so that we wouldn't starve. I wasn't interested in the people, of course; my focus was on that delicious buffet. There was 'batair' and delicious curries and oh my God tasty rice pulao. Dessert was cupcakes from Giant store. I had one satisfied stomach that day, and since I had made an exception to not be on a diet only for Eid I enjoyed the dessert too. Who even cared who was around me, right? *laughs*

We reunite once more!

Back home mama decided to sleep and rest. Gubby had stayed back with SIL because she was heading to her mother's place for another party at night. Bro wasn't home either because he had gone partying elsewhere. A quiet house, no work to attend to, and peace was just what Abbie and I had been craving. Since it was Eid we had decided on the 'we-won't-work' rule which meant we had until evening to literally *Salman Khan voice* do whatever we wanted to do, man! Ah, bliss. We decided a Netflix binge was what we needed. Abbie binged on Pretty Little Liars and we made a deal that she won't be giving out spoilers in my face just because she was ahead of me in the season. I, however, made a really good decision and decided to begin re-watching Gossip Girl all over again. An year after I originally finished the show I had started forgetting the details already. That means you have to watch it again, right? Right!

Even though Eid is a three day festival, the third day is really just post-Eid basically. Those who have a super busy social life keep the less important or formal people to meet up on the third day. Those who do not socialize too much just take a good relaxing day off or spend some time with family. In my case, I did not have anybody's invitation for the third day so I got a relaxation day before the hectic routine began again. During Ramadan when I'm fasting I keep heavy loaded work less so that I have enough energy to spend the day without food or drink. Post Ramadan the old routine returns and even though it is what 'normal' is, after a month it seems as if a storm of workload has come upon me. That's exactly what happened ... on the third day of Eid I slept at night with my daily planner full of stuff I had to do!

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