Thursday, September 17, 2015

Finally! Bollywood Merchandise!

Say hello to this Bollywood crazy person who found some totally crazy merchandise online. Some time back I was randomly scrolling through my Twitter feed when Yash Raj Films tweeted an ad for YRF merchandise. Wait, what? Bollywood merchandise? I immediately clicked the link and was super thrilled to see how cool everything they were selling was. It was a totally Bollywood crazy collection of classics such as DDLJ turned into some super cool merchandise. Aaaaaaaaah DDLJ!

Of course I wasn't planning on buying anything. I may be Bollywood crazy but Shahrukh's face on cushions isn't my level of crazy. At least not as yet! So I decided a blog entry would satisfyingly help me go totally 'OH MY GOD' over what I'd seen!

Oh and by the way, I found all the images from Google or YRF's Facebook page (please save me the copyright issues!). Just an innocent Bollywood fan, that's all I am!
Whatever you say, these cushions are really classic! DDLJ cushion-ed beautifully! And it's funky too!

Haaaaaaaha those Hum Tum cartoons were so awesome! People must be going gaga over these customizable mugs!

 Okay, now I know I have my sister's attention, haha! Salman Khan Visa card ... now that is classic!
I found this travel diary thingy on their Facebook page and this is so cool! And that cow bell thingy on the cover made me laugh out loud!

More classic cushions! Top left is Byomkesh Bakshi something that I haven't seen nor intend to. And I have no idea what the bottom right is but it looks so cool!


Who would do this?! This would be so weird, hahahaha!

These shirts made me laugh out loud too! Rahul, naam toh suna hoga is obviously my favorite!

The merchandise looks pretty awesome, even though like I said the level of crazy is totally beyond my craze. I have yet to find out if anybody bought this stuff or not because I couldn't see any fans on Twitter tweeting pictures about these. Anyway, they have a lot more stuff like posters, mugs, shirts, necklaces, boxers even, and phone cases. It's a pretty cool idea and I bet they'd earn lots from it. After all, who doesn't just love Bollywood? I bet the fans in India are crazy about these products! 

There's more of my love for Bollywood!
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