Friday, January 8, 2016

My Corner of the Shadow World

Oh the craze of the upcoming Shadowhunters TV series is getting to me. It's like a slow release drug gradually doing its thing. Only a week remains and I am so excited. I'm looking forward to making fun of stuff, loving people, enjoying the action scenes, and totally drooling and swooning over each episode with Abbie by my side. I have recently fallen in love with the book series and am currently reading City of Glass (ahem, and deliberately going so slow so that it doesn't end in my face so soon). Watching the movie had been awesome and I'm sure the TV series would be an even better idea!

I was surfing around the online shadow world when I came across a fun quiz on the Shadowhunters website and decided to take it (lots of time to kill, yes? Yes!). It was titled 'What's your corner of the Shadow world?'. The description stated: "So, let's say you're no mundane! Here at Shadowhunters HQ we know what part of the Shadow World you seem to haunt based on your answers to these 9 simple questions. Try us!"

So of course I tried it out. It turns out I am a 'No-Nonsense Warlock'! Woah! The results described me like so: "You've been a part of the Shadow World since time immemorial ... and you've got the stories to prove it. People love your sense of fun, you're interesting and are always willing to help a friend in need. Plus, no-one makes glitter look better!"

I can't tell how much of that is really true about me. I am a recent fan so I'm definitely not a part of the world since 'time immemorial'. I have no clue whether people like my sense of fun or not but I do love it myself and I find myself to be very interesting too! I know that I like helping people. Oh and that last one is definitely awesome. I love glitter!

It was a fun pass-timer quiz. For anybody looking to find out where they belong the quiz can be found by clicking right here! Just by the way I think the new Magnus Bane in the TV show lacks glitter, the character in the book was supposed to be covered in it, glittering in all possible ways. Just saying ...


  1. You'll be making fun of things??? Me go gets my bow and arrow *WINKS* get it? get it? JOAKH!


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