Thursday, February 4, 2016

January 2016 In Comics

Wahaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!! It's the start of a brand new year! I was so excited! I still am. The new year always puts me into this NEW mood where everything feels NEW and I want to plan NEW stuff and do NEW stuff and think NEW things and feel NEW feelings and .... NEW NEW NEW!

At the very beginning of January Abbie and I sat together and planned our blog schedules. We both had oh so many ideas and wanted everything to be perfect this year for our blogs. Abbie's coming up with some super fun blog projects on her blog and so am I! Excitedddddddd!

We started off the new year with our first weekend being a Mall Day! Mall Days (more on those later!) are basically our ideal Bestie Times because the two of us roam around the entire mall to our heart's desire while mama gets her hair done. We bought some pretty stuff too! Infact we went crazy shopping! (I should totally do a haul picture entry sometime soon!)

Ohhhhh yeah. Bring on the gold and the glitter! I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with gold and glitter right now. I'm trying to incorporate that stuff into my room's makeover too! *rubs hands together* Let's see ....

Ah of course I baked! It always gives me so much peace!

Thanks to the memories on Facebook I realized January 6th was the first time I had decided to try baking five years back! I completed five years of baking and looking back I feel so proud of myself. I'm planning to celebrate my baking this year (Hint hint: Something awesome this way comes!).

Oh and those realizations.

My muscle relaxant has been helping me so much with my neck aches, though I still feel like I am in pain and there is stiffness every now and then. Over all it has made a remarkable difference in my life. The plus point is it puts me to sleep so peacefully at night. No more tossing and turning waiting for sleep to bless my eyes ... just fifteen minutes and zoooooop I'm gone.

Ughhhhhhkhhhhhghhhhh! It never ends. I'm back to trying to declutter and clean up everything. I just wish everybody in the house would help out, or at least not make things worse. People in this family make a LOT of mess and don't bother cleaning up.

Pleading with my brother is what I dread the most. I think he secretly enjoys it and deliberately doesn't do my work on time so I keep pleading in front of him. I finally took a step and configured our new printer myself. I felt like a genius, *laughs* ... it works awesome! Unfortunately though, the printer isn't good enough, the colors it is printing don't match the original graphic. It shall be returned!

Yessssssssssssssssssssssss. I became a land lady this month! SO AWESOME RIGHT? I can't wait to see what all comes my way now. Hope I find nice tenants!

First snow of 2016! I may not get to see any snow in February because we have some travel plans. I was hoping it would snow and it did! Snowfall is so pretty, so serene, so beautiful! LOVE IT!

But not only did it snow, it snow stormed! Jonas, Snowstorm 2016, Snowzilla, or whatever the name they chose at last brought so so so much snow. Blizzard may have been scary for people but to me it was so awesome! I can happily miss the rest of the winter season now without complaining or regretting!

Andddddddddd with February beginning it is time for us to travel! I hope we all have a comfortable, enjoyable, and safe travel!

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