Thursday, April 28, 2016

XoXo! Sweetheart's Delight Cake

XoXo sweethearts!
This one is a delicious piece of cake inside and a beauty outside!
The Sweetheart's Delight Cake was a gorgeous masterpiece back from the days when I still wasn't as pro at cake decorating as I am today. This cake had a lot of my 'firsts' and despite being such an early design came out beautiful. All the cakes that followed afterwards were either BIG in size or in design or in their wow factor. So in a way this cake was the start of some seriously awesome and perfect cake decorating obsessions. For the first time I was experimenting with fillings inside. I soaked my vanilla sponge with pineapple juice and then added a layer of my Death By Chocolate frosting as the filling before adding large chunks of juicy pineapples on top. I baked this cake right before my brother's wedding cake - The Simply Special Wedding Cake - and basically this one was a decoration and flavor experiment so I'd get that mighty gorgeous wedding cake perfectly right. 

I went with a very girly, adorable, and lovey dovey design for this cake. The Sweethearts' Delight was my first entirely original design that I'd thought of myself. The occasion was an acquaintance's wedding anniversary; she'd been our tenant and since her family lived in another state we'd thrown her a little celebratory dinner so she wouldn't be alone. Aww yes, we're super awesome sweet people, thanks! *laughs*

For the sides of my cake I decided to do large squigglies. Again, I was experimenting before I did my brother's wedding cake so it wouldn't be my first time piping squigglies on his big day. A basic pink border at the base of my cake added the sweet pop of color and to keep the chocolatey look consistent I piped tiny dots in the border using my yummilicious chocolate frosting. Around the top of the cake I added a chocolate frosting border in a pearly design so that the cake looked adorably delightful!

I also piped candy hearts for the first time in my life for this cake. Simple pink swirls drizzled with chocolate frosting held a white candy heart all around the top of the cake. It looked so pretty! It was the first time I'd been doing most of the decorating techniques yet everything came out perfectly flawless!

In the middle of the top of my cake I piped some matching squigglies and placed two hearts on them to symbolize the occasion. Hell-lloooo prettiness!

Isn't that a super pretty, extremely adorable, classy and gorgeous cake?
Imagine how lucky the people who know me are ... Imagine getting delicious and beautiful cakes for your occasions without even asking for them! Ah, I am the best, am I not?

Mmmmmmm mmmmmm ...
The new filling combination I'd tried tasted brilliant! Vanilla, chocolate, and pineapple seemed like a match made in heaven! The cake was so incredibly moist and yummy that I swear I could have eaten it whole in one sitting had the norms of a humane sophisticated society not been binding me into behaving gracefully.

The woman I'd baked this for was in tears when she saw this cake. Of course I was a super happy baker standing there witnessing the awesomeness I had just created!
Sighs .. what is anybody ever going to do with all my awesomeness?
*flips hair over her shoulder*

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  1. LOL I have no idea what anybody is going to do with your awesomeness, but I wish you lived next to me. You could practice your new techniques on me whenever you wanted to. Seriously! Your friends and family are so lucky you've turned your talents to baking and decorating these amazing creations.

    1. Hahahahaha Suzanne! :D Thanks for such a brilliant comment as always! You always bring a huge smile to my face!


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