Friday, August 19, 2016

So I Pinterest Away

I am totally loving Pinterest these days! Even though I've had my profile on that website since a while now I hardly used it. Recently I decided to totally revamp my profile and began Pinteresting away like crazy. IT IS FUN! Seriously. I could pin stuff day and night and there'd still be so much more to pin. That website is awesome! Since I revamped all my boards and stuff here's a look at everything awesome I have going on.

Sara Writes ~ My Fabulous Blog: This board is full of all the wonderful content you'd find on my beautiful blog! So if you're looking to follow my blog on Pinterest follow this board and you're good!

Crafts To Try: There's so much craft to do and so little time! So I'm pinning craft ideas on this board. One day when I have free time on my hand and the necessary supplies I'll go to this board, pick a craft, and craft away!

Ideas For Interior Design: Of course I am in love love loveee with interior design. Since I can't do everything possible out there I'm pinning my favorites onto this board. Some of these pins include ideas I'd want to try later. Some of these pins are just things I love looking at.

Creative Journal Ideas: A creative journal is in the works so this board is collecting all the creative ideas out there in one place. I love the level of creativity going on in this board!

Potential Printables: Printables are so awesome! I found so many kind people posting free printables online but I couldn't print and put up everything possible in my room so I've made this board to collect all the awesomeness.

Favorite Quotes: Wisdom. Fun. Thoughts. Realizations. Motivation. Inspiration. Kind Words. EVERYTHING!

Henna Designs: I don't do henna too much, only once or twice an year on Eid, so this board is collecting all the awesome ideas and designs for me to use later.

Pretty Coloring Pages: Coloring pages are all the rage lately and even though I still haven't tried this relaxation technique I do plan to soon. I'm pinning all of them away here on this board. One day I will print them out and get my coloring pencils to do the magic!

Party Ideas & Crafts: This is such an awesome board! People out there have BRILLIANT ideas for parties and I don't want to miss even one.

Potterhead: Of course this board was needed. After all, Harry Potter isn't just a story ... it's a lifestyle, it's my childhood, it's everything!

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