Sunday, September 25, 2016

Blue's Clues With Gubby

A wee bit of time ago I posted about Gubby's favorite baby videos which she loves watching on Youtube. Today I'm sharing another video I tried to make her watch just because I'd loved it as a child (and still do, to be honest). I Youtubed Blue's Clues and sat down with Gubby one afternoon to enjoy it. My darling baby doll liked it and it was so adorable watching her react to Blue.

Let me just pause first and remind you of that brutal time when they had replaced this green guy. Hadn't it been just the worst thing that could happen to television ever? I never watched the new guy who replaced him so that was pretty much the last time I watched Blue's Clues until the afternoon when Gubby came and said, "Beeya, baa baa?" She calls watching videos on phone or a laptop 'baa baa'. Long story short it was because the first time I'd shown her a video on my phone to calm her down it had been the Banana Song by the minions and they kept going, "Baa baa baa!"

I made her wave at Blue when that awesome blue doggie came on screen. It was super adorable watching my tiny polka dot wave at the screen. She was looking at whatever was happening (which was some kind of treasure hunt by the way) with great interest until a few minutes later when she got bored. I don't blame her, it was a rather boring episode of this otherwise entertaining show. I searched for more videos but was disappointed because all I could find were the ones with the new guy. Not going to watch him ever, nuh uh!

I mean who can beat this level of crazy, right?

Basically Gubby liked Blue's Clues but not enough to ask for more. In fact it's been a while and she never wanted to see Blue ever again *laughs*. That means I won't ever be watching the show again either unless I go insane one day, forget that I am almost turning twenty five, and sit and solve Blue's mysteries by myself. Umm, not happening, sorry Blue but it is finally time we part forever!

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