Saturday, December 31, 2016

Did I Keep My 2016 Resolutions?

At the start of every new year we pretend we're giving our lives a new fresh start. We break the binding of a fresh new journal for our lives, give it an appealing title, and begin writing new stories, hoping they'll lead us to happy endings and beautiful happily ever afters. Just like everybody else, I too tend to take the new year as an excuse to make new promises to myself, to write my life's story with a fabulous sparkly new gel pen on crisp new pages, and pen down a new chapter towards my happy ending in golden words. I did so when 2016 began too and today, on the very last day of this year, it is time I reflect back on my new year's resolutions. So did I make it? Did I fulfill all the promises I made to myself? Did I accomplish all my goals or did I slack off and let 2016 pass me by?

Be Good To Myself: I promised to be good to myself in anyway possible and I did. I'd decided to give myself priority over everything where needed and I did. I prioritized my own health, my happiness, and my needs where it was reasonably okay to do so and it worked wonders for me! SUCCESS!

Do More Of What Makes Me Happy: I'd decided that this would be the year I keep myself happy. Surely, this year I made sure the keys to my happiness were in my own hands dangling from a fancy shmancy glittery keychain. I baked, blogged, ate good food, watched lots of good shows and movies, worked out for that feel-good feeling, relaxed, and did lots of creative projects. It all kept me happy and content. SUCCESS!

Blog My Heart Out: Oh yes, this one I worked on for sure. All year round (except for a couple times when I was either traveling or sick or stuck with something) I posted a fabulous blog entry after every three days. I blogged about everything and anything I wanted to and it was absolutely awesome to do so. SUCCESS!

Spiritual Enlightenment: I resolved to connect with my beliefs more strongly this year. 2016 was the blessed year I performed the first Umrah and Hajj of my life. I definitely improved my relationship with God and learned so much more about my faith. This one is a definite SUCCESS!

Break A Bad Habit: I'm going to be all privy about this one today just like I was back when the year started but let me tell you I did break out of at least one big bad habit. It felt so good. SUCCESS!

Collect Good Deeds: I had promised myself that I'd go for small gestures and collect good deeds wherever and whenever I can instead of running after grand gestures which are more difficult to achieve. So I went with that and I found it was much more successful and rewarding. I did good whenever I could and this one was a SUCCESS!

Keep Away From Negativity: Negative people. Negative thoughts. Negative intentions. Negative behaviors. Negative places. I meant everything negative and I tried to stay away from all as best as I could. This one is actually very difficult to achieve but I worked so hard on it and I feel like I did it! I stayed away from negativity as much as possible. It made me a much more positive person and helped me think straight. SUCCESS!

This actually doesn't happen too often enough but this year I achieved ALL of my new year's resolutions. AWESOME! I'm so awesome. I'm the best actually. Yeah ... *ahem ahem* ... I think the key is to set realistic goals at the start of the year so that you can actually achieve them or at least honestly attempt to work on them during the three hundred and sixty five days you have stretched out ahead of you. I can't wait to set new goals for the next year! It's going to be fun and I hope I can achieve all my goals for 2017 too!

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