Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Highlights of 2016 In Pictures

The year 2016 was super busy, very fast paced, and gone in the blink of an eye. Seriously, didn't it just begin and now I'm posting annual highlights and blog reviews? Wow. A lot happened in 2016. It was full of travel for me. I visited my home country Pakistan, then went for Hajj, and then Canada over Thanksgiving weekend. I did lots of creative stuff, read my heart out, and baked like crazy! Our family had all the milestone birthdays this year and each celebration was brilliantly done. I turned TWENTY FIVE and am as sassy and classy as ever. 2016 also made me a land lady. One of the best parts of this year was the world's renewed Harry Potter craze. The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them rekindled the Potter fire in this otherwise blah-ish world. Potterheads forever and ever!

I looked back at all of my social media and blog entries to collect the major highlights of my year (just like I'd done last year) and put them all together into one blog entry right here. What better way to reminisce than through beautiful pictures, right? Right! Here's my year 2016 in picture highlights! Hoping 2017 will be calmer, relaxed, and full of blessings, love, and happiness!

New Year Blizzard Jonas ~ Played In The Snow With Gubby For The First Time
Find my blog entry with all the fun I had in the snow right here!

Became A Land Lady
Blog entry about it right here!

Visited My Home Country Pakistan With Gubby For The First Time
Met up with an old school mate and was introduced to Abbie's college buddy who is super fun!

The Shadowhunters Came To Life On TV
Mixed reviews but super excitement about this one! Read my review here!

Visited The Zoo & Had Lots Of Fun With Gubby
Find more pictures and deets right here!

Made A Beautiful Hand Made Card For Mama On Mother's Day
See the pictorial and step by step in this entry!

Put Together A Delicious Favor Box With Abbie For Ramadan
See the beautiful pictures and everything inside the box in this entry!

Celebrated Gubby Turning One & A Half Years Old
With the Oops! Melting Ice Cream Cake

Enjoyed A Chilly BBQ With Gubby

Finished My Bathroom Makeover & It Looks Beautiful!
See the gorjabulous pictures in this entry. YOU CAN'T MISS THIS!

Abbie Helped With The Spring Board
I fell in love with it and kept it all year round! See the pictures here!

Completed The April Blogging From A To Z Challenge
Find my posts from the entire challenge here! Let me warn you though, it'll make you hungry!

The Cursed Child Was Released & Dad Got Me My Book!
Read about that bloody brilliant moment in this entry!

Enjoyed A Nice Eid With Gubby Darling
I blogged my outfits! Click to see the Blue & Red Florals and the Fancy Pink & Orange

Had The First MRI Experience Of My Life

Said Goodbye To The Awesome Bitstrips App ~ Will Always Miss My Comics' Entries
Find all the comics I ever made here!

Bought My New Bookshelf
I also decorated it and it's beautiful! Find it here!

Performed Hajj & Umrah For The First Time In My Life
Read my Hajj adventures in Madinah and Masjid-e-Nabwi and Makkah and Performing Hajj!

Celebrated Mama's Birthday With The Fancy Lace & Flowers Cake

Saraallie Turned TWENTY FIVE! Celebrated The Start Of My Twenty Fifth Year In Style!
Abbie put the magic in my birthday celebrations with the XoXo Skyline Glitterati Birthday Theme. If you haven't seen the pictures and read the entire blog post about it you've done nothing! Find the celebrations in THIS entry and check out all of my gifts in THIS one.

Voted For The First Time In My Life
In the US Presidential Elections!

Enjoyed October Photography Month 2016
Find the beautiful pictures here!

Hosted A Hajj Celebration Ladies Lunch Party With Abbie

Gubby Turned TWO Years Old ~ Celebrated With A Jungle Safari Theme & Cake

Celebrated Abbie's 30th Birthday With Gold Decor & The Grand And Glorious Cake

Spent Thanksgiving Weekend In Canada
Celebrated Gubby's Jungle Safari themed birthday at the Rainforest Cafe and met up with a school mate after seven years over delicious Chinese food and heavy dessert! Read my restaurant review of The Rainforest Cafe here!

Read My Heart Out! Completed My Reading Challenge!
Check out my victory post here!

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