Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hash Tag Land Lady

On the twelfth of January I officially signed away the papers to the start of my life as a land lady. It all happened in a very fancy office decorated with classic wooden furniture and majestic bookshelves which lined the walls with beautiful displays. Yes, I am a land lady now. I'm excited! Abbie has been at this since some time now and it was about time I joined in the fam's business and handled my own stuff. It all seems pretty heavy duty responsibility right now and I'm a novice in the field. Under Abbie's expert guidance I'll be up to date soon though. I can't wait to see what all comes my way!

My newly purchased house is beautiful and bright. The kitchen is fancy and bright and connects to a living room with an open floor plan. The bedrooms are spacious and have lots of natural light pouring in through windows which open up to a beautiful view of the private backyard. I resisted the urge of going all HGTV decorator while I was there in an empty house waiting to be furnished and decorated. While that was one urge I resisted, another I couldn't, and I ended up posing and taking a few selfies in the washroom's mirror - washrooms that are beautifully upgraded with stylish modern fittings (those framed mirrors were great selfie opps!).

Like a boss, Saraallie, the land lady! *heehee*


  1. I'm catching up on my emails and ... CONGRATS! I'm sure you'll make a great landlady.��


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