Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Zoo-ing Around On a Weekend

Spring arrived and so did sunny days so we planned a family outing to the Smithsonian National Zoo in DC. I'm not really into those kinds of outdoorsy activities (fear of bugs!) but the thought of experiencing Gubby's reaction when she saw the different animals was way too awesome and adorable to pass up on. So we got ready and headed to the zoo for a really nice day full of Gubby's adorable laughs and cute reactions. It was worth dealing with the bugs and the sun!

My Gorgeous Outfit
Of course my outfit is THE most important part of any trip and I wore something pretty to the zoo, as always! My dress was all Spring-y and girly. My skirt had a flowery print all over and I wore a pink belt where it met my black shirt, which had a beautiful glitter motif on one side. My favorite black half jacket an black jeans completed the overall dress. I wore some funky bracelets and rings all in matching shades of pinks. My scarf was coral and my bag had a matching flowery print (couldn't take a picture!). Wait, that wasn't all the flowery stuff in my outfit ... wait till you see my shoes ...

Aren't they the most funky pretty girly boots everrrrrrrr?

The Folks We Saw!
We saw a beautiful zebra upon our arrival at the zoo. It was the first animal we saw at the zoo. Abbie and I wondered if the zebra was white with black stripes or vice versa. A sign board nearby told us it was actually black with white stripes. Wait, what? How did that happen? Why is the stomach white then? This dude is too cool.

We saw this dude too. I had NO clue which animal this was until I read that it was a Bison. Seriously, I know nothing about animals *laughs*. Oh and I just read somewhere that they recently declared the Bison the national animal too!

This duckie got Gubby excited. At first Gubby was asleep but once she woke up she loved the duck. I've taught Gubby to quack quack like a duck and when she saw a real one and quacked it was super funny!

The peacock was stunningly gorgeous! At first when I saw there was a section where you were supposed to walk in and experience live animals without a glass in the middle I nearly had a heart attack. I imagined things flying on me and sitting on me and ... HYPER VENTILATION! But when I walked in the peacock's beautiful colors drove all those nasty thoughts away. Also, since nothing alive was going to come and sit on me or come near me I could stop worrying and enjoy the beauty. Wow, just wow. How pretty can something be? The colors were unreal. It was just too beautiful. I couldn't stop staring and then I couldn't stop taking pictures. Gubby was stunned by the peacock too. She stood on the stoned edge and kept pointing at the peacock and saying, "Birdie!" 

Even though I'd been looking forward to see the elephants, these folks didn't impress me. I've been to an elephant farm in Sri Lanka before and the elephants there had been happy and clean (because they'd been bathing). The elephants here just stood there lazily, far away from where we stood, and didn't even look happy and cheerful. Maybe they were just having a lazy day? The fun part was the noises Gubby was making when we asked, "What does an elephant say?" It's difficult to write the noise in words so I'll just skip that! *laughs*

Okay THE most fun part of the zoo trip. The Flamingos! You know what the flamingos remind me of? Aladdin. That cartoon has the memories of flamingos etched in my brain ever since I was a child. Though I can never forget the flamingos from that childhood cartoon, this was the first time in my life I was actually seeing flamingos live. They looked ... fake. As if somebody had spray painted them. WOW! Just wow. Nature's shades can't be matched with anything. Not even a single one of those million Sharpie markers in my room can compare to the colors I saw at the zoo that afternoon. I was stunned. On top of their totally unbelievable neon shade the flamingos also stood so still that for a minute I couldn't believe they would ever move. They could have passed off as statues, really! These are funny folks I tell you! They were making me laugh!

What was even more funnier still was Gubby's reaction to the flamingos. I think their color got her excited and happy and she did a great job of imitating the sound they made too. We all stood there attracting lots of attention because everybody was looking at us making flamingo noises. I was pretty loud and so was Gubby ... congrats Saraallie you ended up being a cartoon in public yet again!

So basically, even though bugs flew around me, the greenery was causing major allergy issues in my throat and nose such that I felt like my nose had swollen up, and it was pretty hot with that stupid sun shining on my head, our trip to the zoo was full of fun and smiles thanks to that tiny dolly doll Gubby. If she hadn't been there I'd have bored myself to death because (in all honesty) I don't take much interest in animals or the outdoors. *insert giant kisses for Gubby* ... On top of her priceless reactions I also got to take SO many pictures! Leave me with a camera and I'll be content! *sighs*


We ended the day with this beauty. A delicious and refreshing vanilla ice cream cone (Abbie and I shared it, duh!) that felt like a blessing in that heat. Mmm mmmmm ... perfect day!


  1. It's been years since I've gone to the zoo. Thanks for the pictures. BTW, those bison? I remember one of the times I went to Yellowstone National Park, one of the huge fellows walked up to the car I was in (we were stopped at the time because a herd of bison was crossing the road) and stared right at me through the car window as though I was the attraction and he the visitor! His head probably weighed as much as I did. I'm rather glad the window was rolled up at the time.

    1. Oh my God I'd have started screaming. Or maybe not, based on experience from watching Jurassic Park I think I'd have become absolutely still and hoped it wouldn't see me. Hahahaha!


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