Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Classy Bathroom Makeover

I just can't contain myself nor can I keep my royal behind calmly seated on the sofa because I am just TOO excited! My bathroom looks gorjabulous post its makeover and it's finally time when I can reveal the beautiful new look. If you've been reading my craziness you'll know that I was planning on dazzling up my bathroom so it wasn't boring and simple anymore. Click to see what my bathroom looked like Pre-Makeover awesomeness! It's a pretty awesome change! Let me show the deets!

Here's a view of my bathroom from the left and the right side both. I have a Jack and Jill style bathroom all to myself with a separate private toilet and shower/tub section. I chose a color scheme comprising of corals, aquas, golds, silvers, and some maroons here and there. It paired perfectly with the 'welcome white' shade of my walls and the white cabinetry. The silver and gold gave me a variety of options to pair decor with and the coral and tiny aqua bits looked perfect together. My bathroom looks SO elegant now, it gives a feel of luxury when I step inside!

Luckily, I found an oversized mat in a gorgeous coral shade. I'd been testing out mat shades and sizes but couldn't find anything and then one day this magically appeared! The coral mat is the perfect size and stretches throughout the bathroom. It's also the perfect beautiful coral shade I'd had in mind when I'd planned the new look.

If there was one thing in my old bathroom's decor that I loved the most, it was my toothbrush holder set. It's this beautiful fashion themed set that fits my personality perfectly. I kept it as part of my new decor too. The toothbrush holder is shaped like a hat and the soap dish has pretty stilettos on it. I bought a new soap dispenser to match the new elegance that my bathroom was now shining with. The fab soap dispenser is a silver textured bottle and has coral flowers on the front which have a vintage-like classy look about them,

I hadn't expected nor planned to change any fixtures but (lucky for me) we had some issues and ended up needing to change the faucets right around the time when I was planning the makeover. I got rid of the old gold and silver faucet which looked outdated and got a sleek silver faucet fitted instead. It has smooth cut corners that add a modern touch to the bathroom and make the sink look super fabulous.

This is the center of my counter top where I've added coral and aqua touches to go with the elegance and the theme. Personally, I am in LOVE with this part of the makeover! Let me zoom in on the beauty!

I found these beautiful glasses in aqua and coral shades and decided to use them as decoration pieces instead. The orange bottle with that classic cork top looked really pretty beside them. Even though orange wasn't part of the color theme I'd decided, it played a really good role in breaking the colors and yet bringing out the coral and aqua in a really pretty way. The bottle and the glasses paired together and created such a beautiful look! I love it! It gives that luxury vibe you get when you walk inside luxury hotel bathrooms!

Behind the glasses and the bottle is a gorgeous frame with a bath tub graphic. The tub is glittery and the graphic spells out 'Relax'. It's not only a classic addition but also a really pretty aqua colored touch which I absolutely love.

Now my favorite piece in the entire bathroom makeover ... This beautiful tray is stunning! It has the same floral print in coral shades that my soap dispenser has. When I first lay my eyes on it I thought the heavens were cooperating to GIVE me the perfect decor I needed for the makeover design I had in mind. It was so so so beautiful and so elegant looking. The flowers were killing me with their gorgeousness! 

Now let me show off the right side of my counter top where there is a collection of pieces that are elegance personified. The right side displays a beautiful floral arrangement along with a classy photo frame. Time for close ups!

My mother is an EXPERT in floral arrangements which means all I need to do is go shopping for flowers with her with a theme and plan in my head. So I did just that and she helped me pick flowers according to what I had in mind. She then sat with my gorgeous coral vase and voila ... GORGEOUS flower arrangements were ready for my bathroom!

Oh em jee! Oh em jee! OH EM JEE!
Am I in love with this photo frame or what!?
I think it's the most beautiful photo frame I've ever seen in all my life!
The pictures don't even do justice to its grace. There are gold touches on the frame's delicate curves that can't be seen too well in the picture but look beautiful. Inside the frame I chose a jewelry graphic that adds to the 'aqua' look of my bathroom's theme. This graphic was actually a cutting from a wedding magazine and I loved it way too much to let it be thrown away. I saved it for later and gladly too because look at how good it looks in my bathroom!

On the right side, above the floral arrangement and the frame, are these cute little shelves on the wall. I was planning to doll up this wall with frames but then I decided I wanted hanging shelves because they look so beautiful and neat!

Now isn't that a pretty shelfie! For the bottom shelf I added a coral frame with filigree style patterns on it and a floral graphic inside it. A beautiful gold candle holder sat against it. I added a yellow bowl with some white flowers to match the floral arrangement on the counter below and a cute and tiny black frame did the job of breaking the color scheme and bringing out every color there was on that shelf.

My top shelf was just as glorious. I used my old soap dispenser, shaped like a mannequin, as a decoration piece against a frame. The frame has another bath tub graphic with glittery touches inside that says, "Salle de Bains." Also on the shelf is a super adorable ducky that my mama bought for me. ADORABLE!

On the wall opposite the counter top are these two pretty gold frames. One of them has XoXo with hearts and the other has a pretty graphic that says, "She believed she could so she did." The second one also has the same matching coral flowers that the pretty tray and soap dispenser in my bathroom have. I love it when everything matches my planned theme!

Last but not the least is the toilet/tub area in the bathroom. This has a funky pretty shower curtain which belongs to my toothbrush holder set and has fashion themed stuff on it. I love the curtain so much and was so glad that the beige and maroon matched my bathroom's new theme. I've also laid a matching maroon mat beside the tub. Nice and neat!

What I love the most about the new look is that it feels so good to step inside my bathroom now. You know that feeling of being in a pretty spa-like hotel-like bathroom? That's what I'm talking about here! It feels luxurious! Eeeeeeeeee *squeals* I love the new look of my bathroom!


  1. Finally got a look at your bathroom makeover. What a stunning job. Your sense of style and color are amazing, and your talent for putting elements together is unbelievable. Well done!

    1. Oh my God Suzanne! I am just finding some comments from the spam folder and this was one of them.
      Thank you (even though it's been months!) so so much! You always have the best things to say to me!

  2. I know I have told you this already, but your decorating talent is amazing.Your information about Stylish Bathroom Makeover Ideas is so good.Ireally Like it.Thanks for sharing.


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