Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Spring Board 2016 ~ As Girly As It Can Get!

Admit it, it looks excessively pretty! If you think Spring only brings pretty outdoors you're mistaken. This year Spring brought the prettiest indoor craft board in my room! I enjoyed an entire season looking at this girly gorgeousness thanks to lots and lots and lots of help from Abbie the great. When I took off the stuff from my previous pin board I was stuck with what to do next. It was a major creative constipation relieved only once Abbie paid a visit to my room and did her magic. She helped me put together the girliest, Spring-iest, and prettiest of pin boards in the history of pin boards. BEST SISTER ALERTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Time for close ups of this gorjabulousness!

"You are a proud polka dot in a parade of pinstripes" ... I relate to this so much! I embellished the pin board with keychains and knitted flowers (made by mama!).

My love of baking was on the pin board too this season!

And the more random it was the prettier it looked. Can somebody get me a vintage English tea set like that on the left please? Oh and of course, Cherry Blossoms are so Spring so they had to be on their too!

Those giant sized stilettos are from a pin board Abbie had made for me YEARS ago. I kept them safe because I love them so much! And that giant beautiful, sparkly, blingy ornament is my favorite! 

There were more knitted flowers (thanks to mama!) and some burlap flowers too. Some flowers I found in magazines and a BIG sign that said SMILE! A daily reminder is always good, yeah?! An interesting bit though, that smile card is actually a reminder that the dentist sent to me in the mail to remind me that I was due for another annual check up soon. I like keeping pretty stuff safe and it always comes in use later on!

CUSHIONSSSSSS ... Love love love!

That was actually an advertisement but it had pretty baking-ish feels and said SPRING in nice decorative fonts!

Some random girly stuff and some more flowers!
Recognize that flower? That's the left over from when I made the Pretty Handmade Mother's Day Greeting Card this past May!

This is by far my most favorite pin board decor!
I REFUSE TO CHANGE IT even though Summer is hereeeeeeeeee. Maybe I could cover that 'Spring' graphic with something and keep the girly awesomeness up?

This is what pure love looks like.

Thank you oh Abbie for this beautiful arrangement!


  1. Your board looks beautiful. I have one too and love how it pulls together all my passions into one spot. Looking at it always makes me smile. Enjoy your spring board and I think you should totally keep it for the summer too.


    1. I knowwww!!! These pin boards are the best! :D
      Thanks for loving mine! And yes, I am definitely keeping this up the entire Summer season too! I love it way too much!


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