Monday, December 19, 2016

Moroccan Blues For My iPhone

If you haven't noticed the Moroccan tile patterns floating around the internet recently ... well, what else have you been doing then, really? I mean come on, LOOK at how gorgeous they are! I've been going crazy over the tiles ever since I first saw the pattern being sold as a fondant mold for cake decorating. Yes, of course I bought the mold and oh dear I can't wait till I can use it on one of my cakes! I'd been in love with the pattern but when I began searching for a new case for my phone I had no idea I'd find something so beautiful. I wasn't exactly looking for a case with Moroccan tiles, instead I wanted something very girly but delicate. However, when this beauty popped up in front of my eyes I was gone. It was the end. I couldn't take my eyes off it.

Abbie was called. The case was shown to her (along with another Moroccan pattern which didn't make the cut because the colors weren't as vibrant as this one). The cursor clicked here. The cursor clicked there. Purchased. Bam. Done.

The case arrived in the mail after a long wait. Meanwhile I was trying to sit as patiently as I could. Let's not get into how successful I was at doing that. Anyhoo, the case arrived and I slipped my phone inside it. And tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa. It looks super pretty! I've had pretty phone cases all the time but never have I ever had one that was printed even on the inside. This pretty little thing has the blue Moroccan tiles all the way inside the flip case too plus a pretty pink background that goes with the blues perfectly. Love it!

There's a pretty close up of all the shades of blue. It even has a hint of sea greenish-teal-ish colors which I love. This has to be one of my most favorite phone cases to date. I've had blingy ones, shiny ones, and even glittery ones before. This one is comparatively simpler yet extremely beautiful! I just hope the pattern doesn't fade away too soon with daily use. Till it lasts I'll fall more and more in love with it every single day!


  1. What great taste you have. My phone's a flip phone, but if it weren't, I'd snatch one of these covers, too. I love the way the different shades of blue (sky, aqua, teal, royal) of each tile have designs within them also. It's subtly intricate and endlessly fascinating to look at.

    1. I love the detailing on this cover too! :D That's what makes it so beautiful!
      Thank youuuuu for always having something nice to say :D


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