Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Delicious Klondike (No Sugar Added) Reviewed

If you've ever struggled with weight loss or controlling your calories you know the heart sinking feeling of seeing delicious ice cream in front of you but knowing you can't eat it. The smell reaches your nostrils and you can imagine what the cold and creamy deliciousness will taste inside your mouth but that's it; you can't do anything more than imagine it. I've always been weight conscious. It's basically in my genes, my fate, my destiny to gain weight. I see people eating a LOT around me and not working out at all yet they're slim and fine. As for me, I inhale air to breathe but swell up like a balloon. Every bite of food seems to multiply by ten inside my mouth. Sadness, yes. In such a case I always watch what I eat unless it's vacation time and I let lose (and go crazy!). So I'm always looking for stuff that's less fattening and for the occasional cravings I have found the perfect ice cream fix! Klondike No Sugar Added!

Klondike's No Sugar Added Ice Cream doesn't even taste like it has no sugar. It's creamy and very vanilla inside with a chocolaty delicious shell on the top. Mmmmmmm mmmm! It is absolutely delicious and perfect for people like me who every once in a (long long) while give in to their cravings and demand that they eat dessert. Sold in a pack of six these ice cream bars are scrumptious. Each ice cream bar contains 180 calories and I always eat half of it so I'm basically eating only 90 calories. Sometimes when I'm really in good control of my diet I've even indulged in one fourth of a bar in which case all I'm consuming are just 45 calories. On top of that my mother has diabetes and she's tested her sugar levels after consuming half of a Klondike No Sugar Added Vanilla bar to find no unusual abnormal spikes in her blood sugar. Wow!

The best part about this ice cream is that it doesn't have even a single negative of other sugar free ice cream varieties. Firstly, there is no after taste which is a blessing considering this has no added sugar. I've found most sugar free or no sugar added desserts have a nasty after taste of artificial sweeteners but Klondike doesn't. You bite into creamy chocolaty bliss and the taste stays the same even after you've finished indulging. Secondly, it has never given me gas. Usually even a bite or two of no sugar added desserts turn me into a helium balloon but I've had half of this bar many a times with absolutely no gassy side effects. Thirdly, it tastes delicious. Wait, did I say that already? What? I said it multiple times? Whaaaaaa? It's not my fault. This stuff is REALLY delicious and absolute bliss for a weight watching innocent little person like me! There's another flavor with crunch in the chocolate shell which has slightly more calories but since I've only had it once and mama hasn't tested it I'm not reviewing it for now.

If you're looking for a no sugar added indulgence which keeps your weight in check please go to a store near you and grab these from the freezer aisles immediately! You will not be disappointed! Guaranteed. *walks away to dream of chocolaty Klondikes*

Just a quick note: Every person is different so if you're a diabetic patient I recommend you test your sugar levels to see how this affects you. In my mama's case this is perfect and doesn't cause spikes at all!


  1. Then why you no eat it everyday?
    PS I think you meant different instead of difficult in the last para

    1. Becauseeeee I reserve it for binge days :D
      And thanks for pointing that out! Difficult was true too but not in this context :D hahahahaha!


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